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ID badges & cards

A solution for every identification need

  • Identification badges, proximity cards, smart cards and more
  • Customize with your own printer or our Premium Badging Service
  • Security features to discourage counterfeiting and fraud

For facilities of all kinds, an identification program serves a number of purposes. It can be used to keep faces and names clear at a busy site, to increase security or to add a sense of professionalism to a work environment. While the reason for an ID program will vary from site to site, one thing remains true: an employee badge or ID card with a photo, name and other data is the most important part of any ID program.

We were founded as an ID seller in 1970, and continue to offer quality ID cards and badges for schools, hospitals, government offices and more. Our offering includes ID badges, proximity cards that can be used for door control, wristbands that can be programmed to perform a variety of functions and more. Whether your ID program is simple or complex, we’ve got a solution for you.

Let us customize your ID card!

Each of the card options below is available as a fully customized card designed by our in-house Premium Badging Service. IDenticard’s team of dedicated customer service representatives and graphic designers will work with you to choose the right color and design for your card while also adding your own artwork or logos. Professionally printed cards will be sent to you, leaving only the variable data to be printed on-site.

Standard ID cards

IDenticard’s standard identification cards can be used as employee badges, reusable visitor badges and more. Standard identification cards are ideal for those who need a professional, purely visual credential without any internal technology.

  • Standard identification cards are available as PVC cards, OmniLife™ laminated cards and synthetic paper JetPak™ cards. Cards can be printed on-site using PVC printers or inkjet printers for synthetic paper cards. Many cards are available in a variety of different sizes, while JetPak cards can also be ordered in custom shapes. Various card security features, including IDentiGUARD™ holographic foil stamping and MicroText, are available to prevent counterfeiting.
  • In spite of a lack of internal technology, these standard ID cards can still be designed to perform basic tasks. Some standard identification cards can include a barcode or magnetic stripe for payments or data collection.

Proximity cards

Proximity cards, also known as “prox” or “proxy cards,” are a type of RFID card used to grant access and provide security without requiring insertion into a card reader. This contactless approach to security makes prox cards an ideal solution for parking lot access control, restricting access to secure areas and general building access.

  • IDenticard offers two own-brand proximity cards: IDentiPROX™ PVC prox cards and JetPROX™ synthetic paper prox cards. Both are similar to name-brand formats and can be customized using either a PVC or inkjet printer. IDenticard also sells HID® proximity products, including cards, discs and key fobs. Card security features, including IDentiGUARD holographic foil stamping and MicroText, are available to keep your card safe from counterfeiting.
  • We will work with you to find a solution to your prox card needs, including choosing the right card, finding the right bit format and setting up your cards with unique codes to ensure they work with your prox card readers.

Smart cards

For those seeking a contactless card with data-management capabilities, IDenticard offers multiple “smart cards,” an umbrella term for cards that store or record data with the use of internal technology. Smart cards can store data like time and attendance, personnel information and biometric templates. Smart cards are available in both synthetic paper and PVC, with customization available for each type using our Premium Badging Service.

  • For customers using a PVC ID card printer, IDenticard offers durable, laminated OmniSMART™ cards that will stand up to frequent scanning and swiping. For those seeking an inkjet-printable solution, we offer synthetic paper IDentiSMART™ cards. Each card includes internal technology that allows it to interact with a reader for a variety of user-chosen purposes. Security features are available to discourage counterfeiting. Smart accessories are also available, including SmartKeys™, which are thin wafers that attach to a key ring, and SmartDiscs™, which can be attached to an existing card to make it “smart.”
  • Many smart cards contain valuable, sensitive data, including information about employees and payment information. Consider protecting the privacy of your employees by using a shielded badge holder, which prevents unauthorized data and identity theft known as “skimming.”

Badge Buddies role-recognition cards

Make it easy for patients or customers to identify your personnel with bright, colorful Badge Buddies role-recognition cards. Made of durable synthetic paper, these cards attach to an existing badge or card for a more complete identification solution.

  • Badge Buddies use large, bold text and bright background colors to help an employee’s title stand out. Badge Buddies are available in horizontal and vertical orientations. Pre-printed titles like “DOCTOR” and “RN” are available, or you can design your own Badge Buddies with custom titles and colors using IDenticard’s design your own Badge Buddies tool.

Additional identification options

UBand™: A convenient alternative or supplement to an existing card program, UBand is a silicone wristband that sits comfortably on the wrist. UBand contains a MIFARE Classic® 1K or proximity chip and can be programmed to perform the functions of each type of card, including granting access and processing payments. UBand is highly customizable and available in multiple sizes and colors.

  • IDentiPak™: For those seeking a quick, fully finished laminated card, IDentiPak is a great solution. Ideal for cards needing bar codes, IDentiPaks will be custom designed using our Premium Badging Service.
  • IDentiWrap™: Similar to an IDentiPak, IDentiWrap cards are fully-finished cards that don’t require variable data. IDentiWrap cards have a fully-wrapped edge, making them ideal for cards that require swiping (magnetic stipe).
  • Stickyback PVC cards: IDenticard offers stickyback PVC cards for Datacard™, Fargo™ and Zebra™ printers. These adhesive-backed sheets are customized using a PVC printer and then attached to an existing card or visitor badge. Stickyback cards are ideal for use with valuable smart cards or prox cards, as they can be peeled off so that the card can be reissued to a different person as needed.

IDenticard was founded in 1970 as a seller of identification cards and has been a market leader in the employee identification arena for over four decades. We’ve stuck to our roots and continue to offer the highest-quality identification cards and badges available today.

IDenticard has experienced sales representatives across the United States and Canada who will work with you to assess your needs and determine which identification badge or card is right for you.

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