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ID card security features

Protect your card from fraud and counterfeiting

  • Security measures protect your badge or card
  • Make counterfeiting nearly impossible
  • Custom-sized cards are hard to duplicate

As a security company, IDenticard takes counterfeiting and other forms of fraud seriously. In the interest of fraud prevention, IDenticard offers a variety of factory-printed anti-counterfeiting and anti-fraud solutions that make protecting your identification, proximity and smart cards from fraudulent use easier than ever.

A variety of organizations, including government groups, local and state police, federal agencies, businesses and schools, rely on IDenticard’s card security solutions to discourage fraud. Many of our security features can be combined for maximum effectiveness, and most require no additional equipment for verification.


IDentiGuard is IDenticard’s most popular security feature. IDentiGuard uses holographic or metallic materials to create an easily recognizable, eye-catching graphic that can be customized to suit your needs. When an IDentiGuard stamp is shown in light, the colors will change and reflect that light for fast, clear verification of a card’s authenticity.

  • IDentiGuard’s color-changing and reflective features are unique to the material, meaning they can’t be duplicated by a standard printer or copier. Because of the anti-counterfeiting properties and professional look, IDentiGuard is an excellent choice for secure government ID credentials.
  • Use one of our standard graphics or customize the IDentiGuard graphic with your logo for a more professional look. Custom IDentiGuard symbols are available in nine holographic or metallic colors.
  • IDentiGuard is available on all of IDenticard’s PVC and synthetic paper card offerings, including IDentiPROX™ , JetPak™ and JetPROX™.

UV printing

IDenticard’s UV printing service allows custom text or graphics that are invisible to the naked eye to be added to an identification card. When the card is viewed under black light, the text will appear, verifying the card’s authenticity.

  • As the UV ink is completely invisible without the use of black light, this security method is extremely hard for counterfeiters to duplicate.
  • The UV text or images that appear under black light can be customized to suit your needs.
  • UV printing is available on JetPak™ and JetPROX™ cards.


MicroText uses extremely detailed printing that is virtually unnoticeable to prevent unauthorized scanning or copying of identification cards. MicroText can be added to a card as simple text or can be incorporated into a design, and is verifiable through a microscope or magnifying glass.

  • Standard printers cannot pick up the detail of MicroText, so the text will no longer be legible if a card is scanned or copied.
  • MicroText can be customized with a specific word or phrase to suit your needs.
  • MicroText is available on JetPak™ and JetPROX™ cards.

Custom shapes and sizes

An identification card with a custom shape or size makes visual verification of a card easier. The different shape or size will help make your identification card stand out from the crowd.

  • Oversized cards can often fit larger text and bigger graphics or photos, making your card more legible and recognizable.
  • The uniqueness of a custom-shaped card design discourages counterfeiters from attempting to copy it.
  • Custom shapes are available with JetPak™ cards only.


Designed to be both visually appealing and to enhance security, SilverScreen uses a layer of holographic material to highlight the area around an identification photo.

  • The layer of holographic material causes the card’s photo to stand out and make it more recognizable.
  • Due to the reflective, color-changing properties of the holographic material, SilverScreen’s effects can’t be duplicated by copying or scanning.
  • SilverScreen is available for OmniLife™ and OmniSMART™ cards.

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