SMART-BIT Printer Ribbon Shredder

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Product Description

What do you do with your printer ribbons after use? If this is the first time you're thinking about the topic, chances are you're just throwing them in the trash.

However, disposing of printer ribbons is a bit more tricky than you'd think: those used ribbons contain imprints of every piece of data that you printed on your ID cards!

A used printer ribbon is like a mirror image of a printed ID card, and the spent panels can feature names, photos and even credit card numbers. It's not hard to see why this is a serious security threat.

For that reason, the best way to handle used printer ribbons is the same way you handle sensitive documents: shred them!

The SMART-BIT printer ribbon shredder from IDP® takes your used printer ribbons and slices them up into thin, confetti-like strips, making them completely useless to scammers and counterfeiters. This product can shred direct-to-card ribbons, reverse-transfer ribbons and more.

This innovative shredder uses IDP's Twisted Micro-Cut Technology to render your used ribbons virtually unrecognizable. Ribbons are fed into the shredder through a small slot, allowing you to simply lock in the ribbon, feed the beginning of the roll and let the SMART-BIT do its thing.

  • The SMART-BIT can handle printer ribbons from all of the industry's leading brands, including dye-sub ribbons, wax ribbons and resin ribbons.
  • An included catch basin has enough space for up to 6 shredded ribbons (assuming 250 imprints per ribbon).
  • Removable bags make disposing of your shredded ribbons a snap — simply remove the cover, pull out the bag and toss it!
  • A sleek design and compact size allow the SMART-BIT to fit in any workstation.

Please note that the SMART-BIT cannot be used to shred laminating ribbons, as these ribbons contain an adhesive material that can jam the machine.

SMART BIT Brochure

Dimensions 9.1" x 14.4" x 15.2" (232mm x 364.6mm x 386mm)
Shreddable Ribbon Width 2.36" to 3.15" (60mm to 90mm)
Shredding Speed 65 feet per minute (80 meters per minute)
Warranty Approximately 62 miles of ribbon (100km)
Bin Capacity 6 ribbons (250 prints per ribbon)