Non-Magnetic Badge Reel with Plastic Clip

Item #: 2120-9001
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    Product Description

    Unlike most badge reels, our non-magnetic badge reels are made almost entirely out of plastic, aside from some small components that are made of non-ferrous metal. This means that these badge reels will not be impacted by magnets, making them perfect for use around MRI machines or other powerful magnets.

    Each reel features a plastic clamp closure on the back, ensuring secure attachment to a shirt collar or pocket. A plastic clip end fitting makes it easy to slide on a slotted ID card or badge holder.

    Both the plastic clip end fitting and plastic clamp closure are color-matched to the badge reel for a sleek look.

    This style of badge reel is available in black (2120-9001), metallic blue (2120-9002), red (2120-9006) and white (2120-9008).

    End FittingPlastic Clip
    Clip TypePlastic Clamp
    MaterialPlastic ABS
    Reel Diameter1-1/4"
    Label Size-
    Sold in Increments of25