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Printing & Accessories

A Comprehensive Program

Round out your facility’s identification program with branded lanyards, badge reels, and badge holders. We also offer a full-service printing solution where we print your customized cards for you.

Standard Cards - Purely Visual Credentials

A simple, professional badging solution with a variety of customizable PVC and synthetic paper ID badges. Standard cards are ideal for those who need a professional, purely visual credential without any internal technology.

Proximity Cards - Contactless Access

A type of RFID card used to grant access and provide security without requiring insertion into a card reader. This contactless approach makes prox cards an ideal solution for parking lot access control, restricting access to secure areas, and general building access.

Smart Cards - Tech for Data Management

Ideal for those seeking a contactless card with internal technology for data-management capabilities. Smart cards can store data such as time and attendance, personnel information, and biometric templates and are available in both synthetic paper and PVC, with customization available.

Badge Buddies - Role Recognition

Make it easy for patients or customers to identify your personnel with bright, colorful Badge Buddies role-recognition cards. Made of durable synthetic paper, these cards attach to an existing badge or card for a more complete identification solution.

We'll print your cards for you!

Get your custom cards printed quickly by the identification experts. Free up internal resources and eliminate the cost of overhead, ink, toner, and ribbon by letting us handle the card printing process for your orders of any size.

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