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Badges & Systems

A Comprehensive Program

Or visitor management software, systems and solutions provide a convenient and customizable safeguard for your people and property, record who is on your premises, and provide a pleasant visitor experience for your guests.

Screening and Security Focused Solution

Versatile and powerful, PassagePoint allows for centralized control of multiple locations. A scalable, full-service system, it integrates with databases and watch lists for maximum security. A full suite of modules are available to build a customized solution.

A Highly Customizable Solution for Businesses of All Sizes

WhosOnLocation tracks visitors, employees and contractors on-site for everything from smarter decision-making to smoother evacuations. This feature-rich, cloud-based application is highly customizable, making it a ideal even for those with complex security needs.

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Need some help designing the perfect visitor management system for your facility? IDenticard has over 60 years of experience, and we’re here to help.

Visitor Management Blog - Tips From Our Experts

Read about best practices, tips, trends, and special features for businesses, schools, healthcare facilities and more in our visitor management blog articles.

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