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WhosOnLocation Visitor Management

A modern, easy-to-use solution for sites of all kinds

  • Simple to deploy — no downloads required!
  • Web-based: Use on Surface Pro®, tablets, desktops and more
  • Compatible with TEMPbadge™ expiring visitor badges

Visitor Management is currently a hot topic in industries of all kinds. Most organizations know they need Visitor Management, but either aren’t willing or aren’t able to invest the thousands of dollars required for some of the more complex systems.

Thanks to WhosOnLocation, those organizations can add comprehensive, easy-to-use Visitor Management to their sites for a low monthly payment — without the big upfront investment!

WhosOnLocation (also known as WOL) is a web-based Visitor Management program, meaning it can be accessed from just about any web browser. This makes WhosOnLocation perfect for cell phone, Surface Pro® and iPad® Visitor Management.

Gone are the days of having your sign-in program chained to a desk! The future of Visitor Management is here, and it’s mobile, customizable and affordable.

What is Visitor Management?

Visitor Management, as a concept, refers to the practice of registering, processing and tracking all visitors to a workplace. The term’s roots are pretty obvious: Visitor Management is…managing visitors.

However, Visitor Management has evolved to be much more than just a sign-in sheet left on a table. Today’s Visitor Management systems serve as the front lines to site security, helping to keep threats out.

Visitor Management is also a great way to get better insight into who’s coming and going from your site, what your contractors are up to and more.


WhosOnLocation is a modern Visitor Management system that will impress your guests

The guest sign-in experience provided by WhosOnLocation is one that will leave a mark on your visitors: guests enter your lobby and are greeted by a sleek, modern user interface mounted on a tablet or a bright desktop monitor.

The guest then navigates through the touch-based interface, answering a few key questions designed to get you the data you need. At the end, the guest can receive a custom-printed expiring visitor badge.

During this process, your guest’s host has been notified that the guest is on-site via a text message or email. When the guest finishes signing-in, his or her host can be in the lobby, ready to begin the visit.

In just a few taps of a screen and under a minute, your guest gets a glimpse into what your organization is all about: safety, security, service and convenience.

How’s that for a first impression?

WhosOnLocation offers an enterprise feature list at an entry-level price

Customizable interface

Add your logo to the kiosk to brand your guest’s sign-in experience.

Fast and easy to deploy

Because there are no downloads, you can be processing guests in minutes.

Sleek and modern

Impress guests with a Surface Pro®, iPad® or other tablet-based kiosk.

Photo capture

Take a photo of your guest upon sign in and print it on a guest badge.

whosonlocation logo

Pre-register guests

Sign-in guests before their visit begins, giving them a warm, seamless welcome.

Email & SMS notifications

Your employees can receive text or email alerts when their guests arrive.

Expiring badge printing

Issue custom-printed TEMPbadge expiring visitor badges, right in the system.

Detailed reporting

View data trends, graphs of how many guests are on-site and more.

Enhance your Visitor Management system with WOL Pass and Triggers

WOL Triggers: Create your own automated actions

a screenshot of whosonlocation's WOL Pass pre-visit email service

Triggers bring “if this, then that” logic to WhosOnLocation, allowing users to set up parameters around certain situations that will then “trigger” specific functions. Alert security when a banned visitor tries to sign-in, alert a worker when he or she is the last one on-site and more.

WolPass: Send a personalized pre-visit message


Automatically send helpful, personalized “pre-visit” emails to guests who are pre-registered in the WhosOnLocation dashboard. These messages can be used to give guests pre-arrival instructions, offer tips on parking, reduce pre-visit jitters and more.

WhosOnLocation is the perfect Visitor Management system for a variety of industries

Along with the affordable price and wealth of features, one of the best parts of WhosOnLocation is its flexibility. The software can be tweaked and fine-tuned to meet the needs of just about any organization, leading to a personalized and targeted approach to processing guests and overall site safety.

  • Visitor Management for hospitals WhosOnLocation can be set up at multiple entry points using a single license, enabling hospitals to guard every entrance. WhosOnLocation’s Contractor Management module enables hospitals to control billing discrepancies and ensure only authorized contractors are allowed on-site.
  • Visitor Management for office buildings WhosOnLocation’s kiosk mode is perfect for multi-tenant buildings, allowing each office in a building to create a personalized experience for guests, all from a single system. WolEvac, WhosOnLocation’s evacuation management module, is also great for large buildings, as it makes it easy to quickly and effectively verify the safety of large groups in the event of an emergency.
  • Visitor Management for schools WhosOnLocation’s simple, easy-to-use interface is great for quickly signing-in parents or school volunteers. WolPass, WhosOnLocation’s customizable pre-visit email service, is perfect for sending to visiting teachers or scholars, giving them a wealth of information about their visit and eliminating confusion.

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If you want more details on WOL, you can schedule a free product tour with a WhosOnLocation expert. Demos are conducted via GoToMeeting.

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