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Cloud Based Visitor Management

WhosOnLocation manages guests, contractors, evacuations and more from any web

  • Feature-rich, affordable Visitor Management software
  • Modern interface with no downloads required

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Organizations of all kinds and sizes are looking into adding Visitor Management to their sites. It makes sense: in today’s “security-first” world, securing your entrances and exits is now more important than ever.

A good Visitor Management program goes a long way toward making sure you only allow authorized users on-site. But a great Visitor Management program goes beyond that by giving you control over all on-site personnel. WhosOnLocation is that great solution.

WhosOnLocation is innovative, affordable, web-based Visitor Management software that also allows the user to manage contractors, employees, evacuations and assets — all for no additional charge!

WhosOnLocation believes that site-wide security requires maximum control over all aspects of your site.

Modern features at an affordable monthly price

At its core, WhosOnLocation is Visitor Management software, designed to register and track guests, and it does that well.

WhosOnLocation is also a capable of managing contractors, evacuations, employee attendance and company assets, giving you an astounding amount of control over the management and safety of all personnel at your site.

Innovative. Detailed. Modern. Customizable.

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Custom pricing for sites with more than 10,000 visitors and/or multiple locations is available. Please contact us for details.

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