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PremiSys™ Resident Manager™

Manage resident access through your mobile device

  • Assign access rights and manage resident information
  • Generate audit reports on lock activity
  • Compatible with several Schlage® locks
  • Winner: 1st Place – Software & Applications Category
    Best in Show Awards – BICSI 2018 Orlando

Today’s multifamily residences require a modern, innovative solution for entry management and access control. The days of hundreds of physical keys and locks are over, and the days of “smart” access have arrived.

One of the obstacles many organizations encounter is trying to successfully manage one of these modern systems. With so many moving parts and things to consider, the ideal solution should keep things simple, making the management of a complex system as simple as possible.

PremiSys Resident Manager is that solution.

What is PremiSys Resident Manager?

PremiSys Resident Manager is an app, available for both Apple® and Android™ devices, that allows an administrator to manage resident access from his or her mobile device. This app is perfect for use in multifamily properties, college dormitories and more.

The app works in conjunction with the PremiSys Pro access control system. It’s compatible with several different Schlage® wireless locks with ENGAGE technology, including Schlage Control Smart Locks, LE Mortise Locks and NDE Locks.

These locks use innovative “no-tour” functionality: an enrollment reader writes the access information directly to the credential. When a resident presents an enrolled credential to the lock for the first time, the information is immediately uploaded to the lock and stored in the lock’s database.


Benefits offered by PremiSys Resident Manager

  • Reduced installation costs PremiSys Resident Manager eliminates the need for a network infrastructure to communicate with the locks, helping you save money.
  • Mobile convenience The app allows the user to manage resident information, assign access rights, connect and manage property doors, and manage residents across multiple buildings from a single interface.
  • Multiple options As part of the PremiSys suite of products, Resident Manager can be used in the same system that manages common area and perimeter doors, using a single database.

How can PremiSys Resident Manager be used?

PremiSys and the Resident Manager app have broad applications across a number of industries, including:

security for apartment buildings

Access management for apartment buildings

security for condo buildings

Access control and security for condo complexes

security for college dorms

Lock and resident management for college dormitories

Why choose IDenticard Access Control?

With smart access control and the “Internet of things” becoming more and more popular, new companies are cropping up and offering what they claim is the newest and best solution. They’ll use terms like “cloud based” to make them seem innovative and modern.

While these companies may be fine to work with, they can’t offer the same secure solution as IDenticard Access Control and PremiSys Resident Manager for the following reasons:

  • These companies often function as “software as a service” businesses, meaning there’s a regular operating expense that goes along with their use, while PremiSys is an upfront single expense.
  • Certain solutions require purchasing solution-specific hardware, like a tablet, while Resident Manager can be used with any compatible Android or iOS device.
  • Solutions tend to focus on convenience and technology, not security; IDenticard is an access control company, meaning we focus on security in everything we do.
  • IDenticard Access Control offers both hardware and software, making us a one-stop shop; many of these other companies simply get your subscription then hand you off to someone else.
  • PremiSys and Resident Manager offer a number of other features that competitors can’t match, including all-in-one databases, surveillance video integration, dynamic mapping and more.

It’s simple: if you want a solution that provides modern convenience while still focusing on security, IDenticard is for you.


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