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We offer a variety of different Visitor Management solutions, from log books with expiring badges all the way up to comprehensive software solutions. Our Visitor Management tools are perfect for organizations of all sizes, from visitor badges for school guests to Visitor Management systems for government offices.

Our TEMPbadge™ expiring badges and other expiring identification products are made with patented technology designed to provide a visual indicator when a badge is no longer valid. These badges help prevent guests from overstaying their welcome, increasing security on site.

We also offer a number of non-expiring badges, parking management solutions, badge accessories and more.

Shop today and start securing your facilities! We offer the perfect visitor badges for schools, hospitals, government buildings, offices and more. Online orders over $99 ship free!

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    TEMPbadge™ Non-Expiring Visitor Badge Log Book (500 badges)

    Item #: 05751

    Half-day expiring token front with printed "TEMPORARY"

    Item #: T6417

    1-day expiring badge front (handwritten) with printed "TEMPORARY"

    Item #: T6104

    1-day single-piece adhesive tab-expiring badge (thermal printable, for TEMPbadge™ VMS and WhosOnLocation™)

    Item #: T2050

    1-day single-piece adhesive expiring badge (handwritten) with printed "TEMPORARY"

    Item #: T2004

    Slotted expiring badge back with printed process blue "TEMPORARY" bar

    Item #: T5938A

    TEMPbadge™ BP4 direct thermal badge printer

    Item #: P9050

    Slotted non-expiring badge (handwritten) with printed "TEMPORARY"

    Item #: 05569

    Temperature Strips

    Item #: F39-TEMPSTRP

    5/8" (16 mm) Pre-Printed "TEMPORARY" Lanyards

    Item #: 2138-5225

    TEMPbadge™ Visitor Management System

    Item #: 06196

    Reusable VOIDbadge Yellow 301-400 "TEMPORARY"

    Item #: 06539

    Reusable VOIDbadge White 301-400 "TEMPORARY"

    Item #: 06554

    Reusable VOIDbadge Yellow 101-200 "TEMPORARY"

    Item #: 06537

    Reusable VOIDbadge Yellow 201-300 "TEMPORARY"

    Item #: 06538

    Reusable VOIDbadge White 201-300 "TEMPORARY"

    Item #: 06553

    Reusable White Plastic Void Badge with Printed "TEMPORARY"

    Item #: 06551

    Reusable VOIDbadge White 401-500 "TEMPORARY"

    Item #: 06555

    Reusable yellow plastic void badge with printed "TEMPORARY"

    Item #: 06521

    Reusable VOIDbadge White 101-200 "TEMPORARY"

    Item #: 06552

    Reusable VOIDbadge Yellow 401-500 "TEMPORARY"

    Item #: 06540

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