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PremiSys is a trusted access control solution used by hundreds of school districts nationwide.

It is a fully-networked, enterprise-level system that controls access to a single building or to multiple buildings county-wide.

PremiSys® Access Control for K12 Education


Integrated Platform

An integrated platform is at the heart of PremiSys access control and should be a critical component of every school security solution. An integrated access control platform allows you to tie together multiple security components to create a unified emergency response plan.

What’s more, PremiSys enables you to identify specific event triggers and create appropriate actions. For example: If a teacher sees suspicious activity and hits a panic button, PremiSys can automatically sound an alarm, lock all interior doors, turn on video recording, and contact first responders. All within seconds. And each activity is tracked in your access control system.

Lockout / Lockdown

We hope you’ll never need it, but PremiSys makes it easy to enact a lockout or lockdown. By pressing a button or clicking a software link, you can easily lock a single door, group of doors, or all doors throughout a building or your entire campus.

Enabling a lockout or lockdown is easy.

  • Click Lockdown icon from anywhere in the software
  • Press panic buttons positioned throughout the building
  • Lockdown through the PremiSys Mobile App, available for faculty and staff
  • Use a special Lockdown Card
  • Create an automated system event trigger
  • Integrate with a third-party system, such as a shot-detection system


Layered Security

PremiSys access control offers a layered approach to school security, as recommended in the PASS (Partner Alliance for Safer Schools) Guidelines.

  • District-Wide – PremiSys provides centralized management of your access control system for all buildings throughout your campus. Through this central location, you define and maintain day-to-day access activities, as well as emergency preparedness programs, creating a cohesive security plan for your entire school district.
  • Property Perimeter & Parking Lot Perimeter – PremiSys integrates with leading video manufacturers to enable you to view live video through your access control software and maintain a visual log of recorded video.
  • Building Perimeter – Hardwired, networked card readers are the best way to secure your building’s perimeter. PremiSys manages all of your perimeter readers and interior door locks for multiple buildings through a single database. These card readers can be scheduled to automatically lock and unlock at predefined times. And while we usually think of securing perimeter doors, PASS also identifies windows as a key security concern. Bulletproof glass, such as this from Emerald Coast Glass Protection, is available to secure your windows from intruders.
  • Classroom/Interior Perimeter – Multiple wireless lock options provide an affordable and convenient way to secure classroom and other interior doors such as the media center, administrative offices, supply closets, etc. Wireless locks are easy to install and cost as little as 1/3 of the price of a traditional networked door. To meet certain state regulations, wireless locks are available with interior push buttons and include red and green LEDs to quickly distinguish whether a door is locked or not. Wireless locks should always be used instead of “barricade” locking devices which violate fire and life safety codes.
  • Crash Bar Doors – Wireless locks for crash bar doors allow you to include them in a lockdown event and even put them on a regular locking schedule. Imagine the valuable time and resources you’ll save by automatically locking these doors each day after students have arrived, eliminating the need for personnel to walk around from door-to-door and lock them manually.

Mobile App

The PremiSys Mobile App gives you the freedom to remotely manage your daily security activities from anywhere, 24/7. It is available for iOS® and Android™ devices and optimized for smart phones and iPad®.

  • View door status
  • Acknowledge and clear system alarms
  • Extend or revoke a user’s access rights
  • Run quick history reports
  • Unlock doors or initiate a lockout
  • Empower your faculty and staff to react quickly during an emergency
  • Enable first responders to unlock or lock doors as they clear the building


Video Integration

PremiSys integrates with video management systems from leading manufacturers allowing you to view live and recorded video from buildings across campus. Click on a camera icon in PremiSys to immediately open up live video feed for that location. You can also link recorded video to PremiSys transactions for a visual record of events.

Talk with a security expert to learn how PDC IDenticard can improve your school security program.


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