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Identification & Security

A Comprehensive Solution

Design the perfect program for your facility and people. Our deep portfolio allows us to be your one-stop shop for everything from robust access control and visitor management solutions to branded ID cards and accessories.

ID, Access & Payment Cards

Education facilities have unique identification needs with cards not only identifying students and staff, but also being used for payments and granting access. Our customizable ID cards have the security and technology options you need, and we can supply the branded ID accessories to match.

React Mobile School Safety Panic Button Solution

Empower your faculty and staff to get help quickly during an emergency by replacing outdated and ineffective communication methods with a modern panic button solution.

Visitor Management System - Know Who is On Site

Process guests with ease to ensure maximum safety at your site. IDenticard’s solutions specialists will work with you to assess your site’s Visitor Management needs before helping you implement the ideal solution for your campus.

Expiring Visitor Badges

Clearly identify visitors with badges that show a series of red lines or other expiration indicators after a predetermined time frame to provide fast, visual verification that a guest’s allotted time is up.

Access Control System

Our access control and security solutions allow you to have more control over your facilities, even if you have a sprawling campus. Our specialists will assess your campus and design your ideal solution while providing installation and technical support along the way.

Custom Card Printing Services

Get your custom cards printed quickly by the identification experts. Free up internal resources and eliminate the cost of overhead, ink, toner, and ribbon by letting us handle the card printing process for your orders of any size.

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