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These small, badge-sized cards attach to employee ID accessories, such as badge reels, so they’re conveniently accessible at all times. The cards have fun designs with hidden elements on the front featuring Gillie Guinea Pig, with easy prompts on the back for clinicians to use as they interact with children.

  • Improve the patient experience for children, decreasing their stress and anxiety
  • Increase children’s cooperation to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of treatment
  • Facilitate a more positive interaction between staff and patients
  • Designed to attach to badge accessories for easy access
  • Made of a flexible, durable material that’s easily sanitized

Gillie Guinea Pig)

Meet Gillie Guinea Pig!

Gillie knows what it’s like to feel small in a big world. That’s why he and his friends created a wholesome world about courage, kindness and love. Kids can dream big with Gillie in a number of ways, including camping, flying, deep sea diving, enjoying the fair, or launching into space!

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