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Identification, Visitor Management, Access Control

A Comprehensive Program

Healthcare facilities are large and bustling, creating a unique challenge for identifying people and securing the building or campus. Our experts can design the best solution to help you provide a safe, professional atmosphere.

Identification & Access Cards

ID cards, custom card accessories, Badge Buddies role recognition cards and more will come together to create the perfect branding and security solution for your facility. Our cards not only identify staff, but can also be used for granting access to restricted areas.

Pediatric Cards

The cards have fun designs with hidden elements on the front featuring Gillie Guinea Pig, with easy prompts on the back for clinicians to use as they interact with children.

Expiring Visitor Badges

Clearly identify visitors with badges that show a series of red lines or other expiration indicators after a predetermined time frame to provide fast, visual verification that a guest’s allotted time is up.

Badge Buddies for Medical Personnel

Choose from everyday options to provide customers with role recognition and a peace of mind. Or customize your badge buddies with our online tool to promote your brand.

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