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Affordable PVC proximity cards

  • High-quality cards available in standard and clamshell
  • Compatible with many name-brand card readers
  • Two-day turnaround on orders of fewer than 1,000 cards

Organizations everywhere are getting the short end of the stick by choosing the same proximity cards for access control year after year. While having a reliable product is great, there can be better things out there. In the case of PVC proximity cards, that better thing is here: introducing IDentiPROX, a line of affordable PVC proximity cards from IDenticard.

IDentiPROX cards are available as standard PVC cards that can be customized with a PVC printer and as thicker “clamshell” cards. Because IDentiPROX cards are IDenticard’s own product, we’re able to offer the cards at a more competitive price. Also, IDentiPROX cards were designed to be compatible with many name-brand card readers, meaning that in many cases, IDentiPROX cards can be used as direct replacements for the more expensive cards made by major brands.

IDenticard gets your prox cards to you faster!

Are you tired of waiting weeks and weeks for prox cards from big-name distributors? There’s a better way! IDentiPROX cards are IDenticard’s own product, shipping from our manufacturing facility in Milwakee. This means we can get the cards out to you more quickly than the competition. In fact, we offer two-day turnaround on card orders of 1,000 units or fewer. This speed combines with the lower cost of IDentiPROX cards to make switching suppliers a no-brainer. Time is money, so stop playing the waiting game and get your prox cards more quickly from IDenticard!

Why choose IDentiPROX?

IDentiPROX PVC proximity cards beat other proximity cards in a number of ways.

  • Affordable: Because IDentiPROX cards are our own product, you don’t have to deal with a middleman or a vendor, allowing for a lower price. With IDentiPROX, you’re getting cards directly from our Milwaukee manufacturing facility.
  • Compatible: It’s easy to make the switch from big-brand cards to IDentiPROX, as IDentiPROX cards are compatible with many name-brand card readers.
  • Versatile: With IDentiPROX available as both standard prox cards and clamshell prox cards, there’s an option for everyone. Additional features are available as well, including a magnetic stripe, a number of different bit formats and a composite material. IDentiPROX cards can also include smart chips like MIFARE Classic® 1K and MIFARE® DESFire®, for a multi-technology solution.
  • Speed: Shipping the cards out of our manufacturing facility in Milwaukee allows us to get your
  • Secure: IDentiPROX cards are available with IDentiGUARD™, a holographic security feature from IDenticard. This security measure can be custom designed to suit your site, and will help protect your card from counterfeiting and fraud.
  • Customizable: Standard IDentiPROX cards can be custom designed using our Premium Badging Service, or can be printed on-site using any PVC card printer. IDentiPROX clamshell cards won’t fit in standard PVC printers, but can still be customized by using stickyback cards. Using stickyback cards provides an added bonus: the stickyback can be peeled off the card, allowing cards to be reissued to different users as necessary.
  • Dependable: IDenticard stands behind IDentiPROX, offering a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defects.

Why choose IDentiPROX?

Many organizations use different cards for identification and access control. Save your organization money by combining the two with custom-printed proximity cards! Our standard IDentiPROX cards can be customized with our litho-printing service, which provides you with a custom-printed proximity card that can be used for both access and identification. Your cards will arrive fully printed, leaving only the variable data (like a name, photo or title) to be printed on site.

  • Litho-printing is done in high resolution, capturing every detail of your custom design
  • Professional proofing will be done by our in-house design team, ensuring high-quality results
  • Cards are customized using edge-to-edge printing, meaning there is no white border around the edge of your card.
  • Get your custom proximity cards quickly: we offer 10-day lead times after your proof is approved.

Does your prox card measure up?

We think IDentiPROX can replace your current proximity card, and want to give you a chance to try it. To request a free sample, please fill out the form below. We will send you your choice of a PVC printable or clamshell IDentiPROX card with the 26-bit H10301 format. This card will arrive programmed, meaning you can test it out in your current system.

MIFARE is a registered Trademark of NXP B. V.

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