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UBand™ access wristbands

A multi-use access solution from IDenticard

  • Capabilities of a card, convenience of a wristband
  • Available with smart or proximity technologies
  • Customize with text, graphics or your organization’s logo

UBand access wristbands are versatile products that can provide contactless access, payment and security solutions for organizations of all sizes. Ideal for colleges and universities, gyms, office buildings and other sites requiring controlled access, UBand can be customized to suit your unique needs.

What is UBand?

UBand is a silicone wristband containing either a MIFARE Classic® 1K chip or a proximity chip. Aside from the internal chip, which is less than 4 mm thick and just 20 mm in diameter, UBand is as wide as a standard rubber band and sits comfortably on the wrist. The flexible silicone construction allows UBand to slide on and off the wrist with ease while remaining securely attached.

Each type of UBand is available in multiple sizes and colors. UBand with MIFARE Classic 1K technology is available in three wrist circumference sizes (6”, 7”, 8”) and 20 different in-stock colors. UBand with proximity technology is available in the same three sizes, but is only available standard in black and blue. Custom colors are available, but require a longer lead time and higher minimum order quantity.


MIFARE Classic® 1K: The applications of a smart card, the convenience of a wristband

Because it contains flexible MIFARE Classic 1K technology, UBand can be used as a “smart” solution in all kinds of situations. Colleges and universities can issue UBand to students for access to dormitories or for laundry payments. Gyms can use UBand as a workout-ready wearable alternative to a membership card. Businesses can issue UBand to employees for building access or for payments in the company cafeteria.

  • Adaptability: MIFARE Classic 1K technology is extremely versatile and can essentially be programmed to do whatever you need. When combined with the appropriate card reader, UBand can adapt to meet your site’s needs. With options ranging from processing payments to granting access, UBand is a comprehensive smart solution.
  • Flexibility: Unlike some cards that only perform a single function, UBand’s MIFARE Classic 1K technology allows you to include the options you want and leave out those that you don’t. The flexibility of the MIFARE Classic 1K technology means your UBand can change as your site’s needs change.


Proximity: Multiple formats ensure compatibility with your system

Proximity technology is one of the most commonly used technologies in access control. With UBand, we’ve brought the convenience of proximity technology to your wrist, providing an innovative option for those seeking a new access solution.

  • Compatibility: UBand is available in the most common proximity formats, including 26 Bit, 35 Bit and 37 Bit, making it compatible with most existing access card systems. UBand is also compatible with many HID® proximity formats, meaning it can serve as a direct replacement in many systems using HID® cards
  • Versatility: UBand can be used in many different situations. If your site only requires a card for access and doesn’t need a printed ID card, UBand can be used to replace the cards entirely. If your site uses an ID badge for visual identification and access, UBand can be used to complement your system: use UBand for access and switch to standard ID cards for identification, requiring less of your cards.

Why choose UBand?

If your organization is using a MIFARE Classic 1K or proximity technology program, we have a UBand solution for you. But why should you choose UBand over standard cards? We think UBand outperforms cards in a number of ways.

  • Wearable: An easy-to-wear attachment, UBand sits naturally on the wrist without any tightness or constriction. The band’s soft silicone construction ensures that it won’t irritate, increasing the likelihood that it is left on. Unlike cards, which need to be carried in a pocket or on an attachment, UBand remains attached to the user, increasing the likelihood of use while decreasing the likelihood of loss or theft.
    • Durable: Silicone rubber is a flexible, durable material. UBand is waterproof, sweatproof and can stand up to the rigors and wear and tear of daily use. The band’s sleek design decreases the likelihood of snags or tears. UBand will last far longer than the standard ID card, saving your organization money.
    • Customizable: While the technological versatility of UBand is a major selling point, UBand is physically versatile as well. UBand with MIFARE Classic 1K technology is available in 20 in-stock colors and can be customized to feature a logo or text. While UBand with proximity technology is only available in two in-stock colors, custom colors are available with a longer lead time and higher minimum order quantity. IDenticard’s customer service team will work with you to create an eye-catching UBand design that meets your needs.
      • Washable: Silicone rubber can be washed with ease. UBand can be washed as if it were part of the body, meaning it will stand up to frequent cleanings with soap and water. Unlike cards, which can be easily damaged when wet, UBand can be used in medical environments that require an easy-to-clean solution. If necessary, UBand can also be sterilized with ethylene oxide, the same process used to sterilize surgical tools and other equipment.
      • Reusable: Because UBand is made of silicone rubber, it can be taken on and off multiple times with little risk of damage. UBand can be reused with ease, making it a perfect access solution for visitors to facilities and conference or convention attendees. UBand can be used in any situation where a temporary card would be handed out; however, it is more durable than a standard card and its placement on the wrist makes it less likely to be lost.
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