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Cards and accessories from HID®

Proximity and smart products for every situation

  • High-quality proximity and smart cards from HID®
  • Proximity discs and key fobs also available
  • Choose from multiple card formats and security features

IDenticard is an authorized reseller of HID® proximity and smart products. HID® is an industry leader in the production of smart and proximity cards, passes, discs and key fobs. Various proximity and smart products can be programmed to work with proximity, iCLASS® and MIFARE® product technology card readers, making HID® cards and accessories versatile solutions to access and data-gathering needs.

With a variety of HID® products available and different technologies to understand, it can be difficult to find the best product for your organization. IDenticard’s experienced sales associates will work with you to determine which HID® product best suits your unique needs and will help get your proximity or smart card program up and running in no time.

Proximity and smart cards from HID®

HID® offers three different cards: proximity cards, iCLASS smart cards and MIFARE product technology smart cards. Each card operates on a 125kHz frequency and has a read range of at least 2.5”. Each product in the HID® card offering is available with the company’s Corporate 1000 security feature, a 35-bit format that allows for more than 1 million unique card numbers. Each can be customized using a compatible PVC printer and all cards come with a lifetime warranty from HID®.

  • IDenticard offers five different HID® proximity cards: ProxCard® II, ISOProx® II, DuoProx® II, Smart ISOProx II and Smart DuoProx II. The DuoProx line is available with an optional magnetic stripe. Each proximity card is available with optional HID® artwork and, aside from ProxCard II, each is available in horizontal and vertical orientations.
  • Smart cards are available with iCLASS or MIFARE product technology that can feature up to 32k bits of memory. Each smart card has the option of having a smart chip module embedded in the card.
  • IDenticard also offers combination cards from HID®: the MIFARE product technology/prox card combines both technologies in a single PVC card with 1k or 4k memory to allow for future programming growth, while the ProxCard Plus® combines proximity and Wiegand technology with a durable PVC card that can be printed for use as an ID.

HID® proximity accessories

IDenticard also offers proximity accessories from HID® that go beyond the standard card for additional applications and convenience. Proximity tags, discs and passes operate on the same 125kHz frequency as HID® cards. Because of their unique shape and construction, these accessories cannot be printed or customized, but can be a useful supplement to a standard ID card.

  • The ProxKey® III conveniently attaches to a key ring, reel or lanyard for easy scanning. This small plastic fob features a number printed on the outside for tracking purposes.
  • The MicroProx® adhesive tag from HID® is a small disc the size of a coin that attaches to an existing badge or card to turn it into a prox card. This tag allows you to turn a standard badging program into an access control program without the need to buy new badges or cards for all of your personnel.
  • Perfect for parking lot or parking garage access control, the ProxPass® II is a small plastic pass that can be read up to six feet away, depending on conditions. The ProxPass comes with sticky backing to allow attachment to a windshield and contains a small battery that, according to HID®, can last up to five years before needing replacement.

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