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Card accessories

Complement your ID with a lanyard, badge reel and more

  • Majority of our accessories are made in our own factory
  • Customizable to feature your own graphics, logos or text
  • “Design your own” custom products using our online tools

A card accessory from IDenticard serves more than one purpose. Badge holders, badge reels, lanyards and more will protect or carry your card, but can also serve as tools to help grow your organization’s brand when customized to feature a logo or text. Card accessories are also great giveaway or promotional items, particularly at large meetings, conventions and on college campuses.

IDenticard offers a variety of card accessories, most of which are available in multiple materials and with custom artwork. custom lanyards can be designed online using our Design Your Own tools, which make receiving custom products easier than ever. IDenticard manufactures the majority of our card accessories at our own factories, allowing you to buy your accessories directly from the source. Without a middleman, you can be sure that you’re getting high-quality goods at a great price.

When factoring in all of the production costs, an identification badge or card is a big investment. Protect your credentials with a badge holder from IDenticard. These holders are easy to attach with a lanyard, strap clip or badge reel and will protect your card from a variety of damage.

Badge holders

Badge holders

Badge reels are an excellent way to carry a badge or card while still keeping it easily accessible. Ideal for credentials that need to be scanned or swiped, badge reels are available with many different end fittings and in multiple materials.

  • A variety of badge reels is available, including economy, heavy-duty, premium, carabiner, twist-free and more. Badge reels are available in several different colors, including black, orange, red, blue and yellow.
  • All badge reels can be customized to feature your logo or graphic using our online Design Your Own badge reels tool. Many badge reels offer multiple customization options, such as an adhesive logo or an adhesive dome logo.
  • Multiple end fitting options, like a strap clip or key ring, ensure there’s a badge reel that will suit your needs, while slide clip and swivel clip attachments make it easy to secure the badge reel to a pocket, belt or shirt.

Lanyards are a multi-faceted card accessory: they are an easy-to-customize way to carry a badge or card, but are also a great promotional item for businesses or schools. IDenticard offers lanyards in a variety of materials and styles to suit all card accessory needs.

  • Use our lanyard chooser application to select from a number of materials, including polyester, vinyl and even bamboo. Available end fittings include a key ring, a bulldog clip, a plastic clamp and more.
  • Lanyards feature multiple customization options, including “do it yourself” customization using our online Design Your Own lanyards tool. Multiple imprint styles, like dye sublimation and silk screen, make it easy to create a high-quality, vibrant design that will make your organization’s brand stand out.
  • Ideal for use in schools, hospitals, factories or other facilities where tangles or snares are a danger, IDenticard offers safety-conscious breakaway lanyards that detach when pulled to avoid injury.

Strap clips are the simplest and most affordable way to attach a badge or card, requiring just three steps: slide the strap through your card, button it together and clip!

  • Strap clips are available in a variety of different styles, including economy, molded nylon and reinforced fabric. Most strap clips are made of a clear, flexible vinyl material; however, strap clips are also available in colors like black, blue and red.
  • IDenticard offers clothing-friendly strap clips as well. These clips use patented technology to securely attach to clothing in a way that won’t leave wrinkles or cause crimping.
  • Additional clip options are available as well, including a clip with an adhesive panel, an all-plastic clip and more.

UBand is an excellent complement to a smart or proximity card operation. UBand is a silicone rubber wristband that contains either a smart or proximity chip that can be programmed to perform the same tasks as a MIFARE Classic® 1K card or a proximity card. UBand can be used in conjunction with an existing card program or can replace an existing program entirely.

  • UBand sits comfortably on the wrist, reducing the likelihood of loss or theft while increasing the likelihood of use. Three different wrist sizes ensure there is a fit for everyone.
  • UBand is highly customizable, in terms of both features and appearance. The MIFARE Classic 1K technology allows you to program the features you want while leaving out those you don’t need. The proximity chip in UBand is compatible with most common proximity formats, including many HID® proximity formats. UBand is available in more than a dozen colors and can be imprinted with your logo or text, making the creation of a unique, attention-getting UBand simple.
  • Durable silicone rubber construction ensures that UBand will stand up to the rigors of daily use. UBand is waterproof and sweatproof.

Turn your mobile phone into a wallet with a silicone mobile phone wallet from IDenticard! This fun card accessory adheres to the back of most flat-backed smartphones to turn a phone into a card carrier. These handy accessories are available in red, blue, black and white.

  • With room for up to three credit card-sized cards, the silicone mobile phone wallet has room for the essentials. For example, inserting an identification card, a credit card and a transit card will let you leave that bulky wallet at home!
  • The silicone mobile phone wallet adheres to your smartphone using a strong, dependable 3M™ adhesive. The wallet won’t slip off with normal use and won’t damage your phone when removed.
  • Silicone mobile phone wallets make great giveaway or promotional items! Customize one of the wallets with your organization’s logo to enhance brand recognition.

Deciding which kind of badge reel you need or what material will be best for your lanyards can be tricky, but our solutions specialists have years of experience crafting identification solutions for customers like you. IDenticard will work with you to ensure that you get the right card accessories to suit your needs.


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