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Badge holders

Keep your badge or card safe from damage

  • Materials include flexible vinyl, rigid plastic, Earth-friendly and more
  • Customize a badge holder with your logo or text
  • Most badge holders are manufactured in our own factory

Once identification badges or cards have been designed and printed, they need to be protected in order to stand up to the rigors of daily use. IDenticard offers a variety of badge holders that will protect your credentials from bending, tearing, water damage and more, all while keeping them visible and readily accessible.

IDenticard’s badge holders range from economy vinyl badge holders ideal for large meetings and conventions to shielded badge holders designed to protect smart cards from unauthorized data and identity theft known as skimming. Arm band badge holders for those in active industries and colored badge holders perfect for distinguishing among different types of personnel are available as well.

Buying from IDenticard allows you to eliminate the middleman: we produce the majority of our badge holders in our own factories, allowing you to buy directly from the source and ensuring high-quality goods at fair prices.

IDenticard badge holder selector app

We've made finding the perfect badge holder easier than ever!

You’re looking for a badge holder. You kind of know what it looks like. A little. You know you want it to be able to bend a little, and would like some color.

With other suppliers, you’d have to scroll through pages and pages of results, hoping to find something that catches your eye. Not with us. We recently released an all-new badge holder selector app. This app allows you to select the criteria you’re looking for, and then shows you the products that meet those specs.

This app makes finding the ideal badge holder just a few clicks away. Give it a try today, and you’ll find that perfect product in no

Standard badge holders: Versatile, reliable protection for your credentials

IDenticard’s standard badge holders get the job done, protecting your badge or card from bending, water damage, fading and more. Our badge holder offering features different products for different purposes. Some badge holders simply display and protect a badge, while others offer additional features like frosted material to protect from sunlight or anti-print transfer material that prevents your credential from sticking to the holder.

IDenticard offers badge holders for many uses and situations

  • Badge holders for conventions: IDenticard offers both economy and premium vinyl badge holders that are ideal for large-scale use at meetings and conventions. These holders are available in horizontal and vertical orientations and with clips or with slot and chain holes. Badge holders with clothing-friendly clips, ideal for all-day use, are available as well. IDenticard also offers nylon credential wallets for use at conventions. These handy carry-alls feature a zipper-enclosed pouch and enough room for a badge or card, business cards and a pen.
  • Badge holders for active personnel: While many employees wear their employee badges around the office, active industries like construction or security require a different kind of credential protection. IDenticard’s arm band badge holders are the perfect badge holders for construction workers, featuring an elastic band that secures the holder to the wearer and a zipper closure to keep out dirt and moisture. Hard plastic badge holders provide sturdy resistance to bending and moisture, making them ideal badge holders for active employees.
  • Secure and shielded badge holders: IDenticard has badge holders for security-conscious organizations, protecting against different forms of theft. IDenticard’s locking card cases are hard plastic holders that can only be opened with a key, making it nearly impossible for a badge or card to be stolen. For smart card protection, IDenticard offers shielded badge holders for protection against data and identity theft. These holders contain a sheet of metal to prevent unauthorized data theft known as “skimming.”
  • Proximity card holders: Available in multiple sizes and materials, IDenticard’s proximity card holders feature a slot for easy attachment using a badge reel, lanyard or strap clip. Proximity card holders are available in both horizontal and vertical orientations.
  • Environmentally friendly badge holders: IDenticard’s line of PureClear™ environmentally friendly badge holders are free of PVC, BPA and phthalates. Made of EVA, these holders meet REACH guidelines and contain an anti-print transfer material.
  • Specialty badge and card holders: A number of unique badge and card holders are available. Vehicle ID hangtag holders are ideal for parking lot access control and security. Color top badge holders are perfect for crowded workplaces where colors can be used to differentiate between personnel. Keep track of your luggage when traveling with a rigid plastic luggage tag holder, available in a number of neon colors.

Custom badge holders: Increase brand recognition while protecting your card

For a unique card protection solution, add your graphic, logo or text to one of IDenticard’s badge holders! A number of our badge holders can be customized, creating a more personal badge holder solution that helps ensure that your brand is highly visible.

Imprint a logo in the corner of a vertical vinyl holder or print your organization’s name across the bottom of a horizontal holder. There are a number of possibilities, and IDenticard’s solutions specialists and graphics department will work with you to create the best custom badge holder possible.

The main goal of each of IDenticard’s badge holders is the same: to protect your identification badge, smart card, proximity card or other credential from damage. However, each badge holder is unique, and choosing the appropriate card protection can be difficult. IDenticard’s expert sales associates have years of experience crafting solutions for organizations of all sizes. We will work with you to assess your needs and determine the best badge holder solution.


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