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Standard & custom badge reels

Keep your card easily accessible for scanning or swiping

  • Ideal for cards that need to be scanned or swiped
  • Easy to customize with a label or dome label
  • Most badge reels are manufactured in our own factory

IDenticard’s badge reels are available in a variety of styles, including different colors, attachment types and end fittings. If you’re having trouble choosing the right badge reel for your organization, our solutions specialists will work with you to determine which badge reel best meets your needs.

While the main goal of most badges and cards is to identify the wearer with pictures or text, other credentials contain magnetic stripes, barcodes or other technology that can be swiped through or scanned by a card reader. Badges and cards like this need to be displayed, but also need to be readily accessible to make scanning and swiping easy.

Badge reels are the perfect card accessory for these kinds of credentials. Badge reels can be clipped to a belt, pocket or other article of clothing to display a badge or card with an added benefit: the retractable nylon cord inside the badge reel allows the badge or card to be pulled out for scanning or swiping without removing the credential from the user.

Ordering badge reels from IDenticard comes with an added benefit: unlike many companies, we manufacture the majority of our badge reels in our own factories. This allows us to eliminate the middleman and ensure high-quality goods at a fair price.

Standard badge reels: Keep your badge or card accessible

Each product in IDenticard’s offering of standard badge reels features durable construction and a convenient end fitting to attach an identification badge or card. Badge reels are available in a variety of colors, end fittings and clip types, making it easy to find the badge reel you need. IDenticard’s interactive reel finder allows you to select the features you need in a badge reel, then displays the products that fit your needs.

A badge reel is available for every situation, from those seeking a key ring attachment to keep a badge and keys accessible to a strap clip attachment ideal for scanning a badge or card. With a badge reel from IDenticard, your credential will be accessible at all times.

Standard badge reels are a versatile card accessory

  • Colors & shapes: Choose your favorite from over a dozen available colors. Standard colors, like green, black and blue, are available, as are multicolored badge reels with fun zebra- or floral-themed prints. Metallic silver or gold badge reels will stand out in the crowd. Multiple shapes, including rectangles and hearts, are available.
  • Twist-free options: IDenticard’s line of twist-free badge reels provides a number of options for those seeking a tangle-free solution. The B ● REEL® twist-free badge reel is available in a number of unique colors, while the Mini-Bak badge reel provides twist-free convenience in a smaller size.
  • End fittings: One of the most important parts of a badge reel is the end fitting, which is what secures your badge or card. IDenticard’s standard badge reels feature end fittings like card clamps for use with temporary badges, snap clips, key rings and more. No matter what the type of badge or card may be, IDenticard has a badge reel that will keep it secure and accessible.
  • Clips: A number of clips, which attach the badge reel to the wearer, are available as well. Carabiner clips are ideal for those in active industries, hook clips make excellent accessories for skiers and swivel clips slide easily onto a belt or pocket.

Custom badge reels: Create a unique card accessory

A custom badge reel serves as a great way to increase your organization’s brand recognition: each time the wearer reaches for his or her ID badge or card , your logo will be there. IDenticard makes it easy to create custom badge reels online with our Design Your Own Badge Reels tool . This helpful tool allows you to create a badge reel that is unique to your organization, including color, style and original artwork.

IDenticard’s custom badge reels tool makes designing a unique accessory simple

  • Choose a style: Seven different types of badge reels can be customized. Choose from custom economy badge reels, custom MaxLabel badge reels, custom heavy-duty badge reels, custom premium badge reels, custom carabiner badge reels, custom heart-shaped badge reels and custom Mini-Bak badge reels.
  • Choose an end fitting: Six end fittings are available: card clamp, swivel hook, key ring, snap hook, strap clip and twist-free clip. Choose whichever best fits your badge or card.
  • Choose a color: Different colors are available for different styles of reel. Colors available include orange, yellow, blue, purple, pink, gold, silver and some translucent colors.
  • Add your artwork: Upload your logo or graphic and get a real-time preview of what it will look like on your reel. Depending on which style of reel you choose, artwork can be added as an adhesive label or a dome label.
  • Add your variable text: Custom badge reels are now available with variable text, allowing you to add different text to each custom reel. Add employee names, years of service, employee titles, accolades and more. Text is limited to two lines, and the graphic on each badge reel must remain the same. Variable text is available on all badge reels that can be customized using a flat or dome label.
  • Review and submit: After taking a look at a summary page, submit your custom design with one click! Your design will be submitted to our art department, where an official proof will be sent out for your approval.



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