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Strap clips

A simple and affordable way to attach your badge or card

  • Easy to use and compatible with most slotted cards or holders
  • Clothing-friendly clips won’t crimp, wrinkle or damage shirts
  • Most clips are manufactured at our own factory

If your goal is to attach an ID credential or badge holder to its wearer, solutions don’t get much more simple and affordable than strap clips: simply slide the strap through your slotted credential or holder, fasten the clasps and clip to the wearer!

Along with being easy to use, strap clips are also an affordable and reusable card accessory. IDenticard offers strap clips in a variety of different materials and with multiple end fittings.

Buying from IDenticard comes with the added benefit of getting goods directly from the source, as we manufacture the majority of our strap clips at our own factories. By eliminating the middleman, we ensure that you receive high-quality goods at fair prices.

Strap clips: the easiest way to attach a badge or card

Strap clips from IDenticard offer easy badge, card or badge holder attachment. This ease-of-use combines with the ability to reuse strap clips to create a convenient card accessory for employees and visitors alike.

IDenticard beats other strap clip providers in a number of ways

  • Cost: Because we own and operate our own factory, you receive our products directly from the source. Without an intermediary, we are able to keep prices down, offering some strap clips for only pennies.
  • Variety: IDenticard offers over a dozen different strap clips, including color strap clips, extra long strap clips, fabric reinforced strap clips and nylon strap clips. We also offer a number of different end fitting clips, including permasnap clips, vinyl-coated clips and pin/clip combinations.
  • Patented design: IDenticard is your only source for strap clips featuring our patented clothing-friendly design. These clips are designed to put less pressure on clothing, resulting in fewer wrinkles and no damage. The design of these clothing-friendly strap clips makes them ideal for all-day wear at conventions or meetings.

Clip accessories: card clamps, adhesive clips, key rings and more

IDenticard also offers a number of clips and other card attachment accessories for those seeking an alternative to a strap clip. Products like split key rings, swivel hooks and card clamps are useful accessories that can provide more versatility than a standard strap clip.

  • Clips with adhesive pads can be attached to an existing badge or card. These clips are ideal for users who want to clip on their credentials but don’t want to punch a slot in their badges or cards.
  • For a durable, easy-to-use solution, try an all-plastic clip. This handy tool slides through the slot on your badge or card and can then be clipped to a shirt or pocket.
  • Some organizations may not want to put a slot or hole in their cards. Card clamps are the perfect solution, allowing secure attachment without slotting. The patented clamp holds your credential in place, while the attached clip is fastened to the wearer.
  • Made of durable nickel-plated steel, split key rings are a versatile accessory. Slide a key ring through the slot on a badge or card to attach your credential to a set of keys, a lanyard or a badge reel.
  • Nickel-plated swivel hooks can be clipped through the slot on a badge or card and attached to a lanyard or badge reel. These hooks swivel to minimize snaring and tangling.



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