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Market and industry solutions

Tools for success tailored towards unique needs

  • Identification accessories and cards for staff and visitors
  • Access control systems to protect your facilities
  • Visitor Management systems to safely process guests

While specific needs will vary from industry to industry, the main ID goal is the same for all: to develop and implement a comprehensive, professional identification solution. IDenticard has decades of experience crafting such solutions across industries of all kinds, from healthcare to Fortune 500 corporations and everything in between. With dedicated market managers for industries like healthcare and education, we’ve got the expertise necessary to create the perfect identification solution for your organization.

Looking to start a new student ID program? We can help. Interested in creating a hospital Visitor Management system at your site? We’ve done it before, and will work with you to assess your needs and get you set up with the perfect solution. We have the experience necessary to assist with ID needs of all kinds.

Industries served include:



Badging and identification are essential components in healthcare settings and are often required by law. IDenticard has a number of products perfectly suited for use in hospitals, clinics and medical offices that both look great and comply with regulations. Our offering includes identification cards for staff, Visitor Management systems specifically designed for hospitals or medical offices, Badge Buddies role-recognition cards for identifying personnel and access control systems for restricted areas.


IDenticard is a GSA-approved vendor and has the experienced sales specialists necessary to help create the perfect government-approved identification or security solutions. IDenticard has tools suited for local, state and federal government. IDenticard offers a number of cards ideal for use as government ID badges, with optional anti-counterfeiting security features available. For facility security, the PremiSys access control system is a FIPS 201-compliant way to keep your buildings secure.



Education k12

Student safety is paramount in the world of K-12 education, and IDenticard has the products and services necessary to keep schools safe and secure. Products like custom identification cards or lanyards help make identifying students easy. IDenticard offers Visitor Management tools to help schools welcome guests while ensuring safety and student security. Identify visitors and control their length of stay with TEMPbadge™ expiring badges or screen guests against sexual predator databases with PassagePoint™ EDU. PremiSys access control system can lock down all doors with the touch of a button, an excellent safeguard against gun violence and other potential threats to students and school personnel.

Higher Education

Each campus is different, and IDenticard will work with you to find the perfect identification solution for your school. IDenticard offers various identification and access solutions ideal for college campuses, like student identification cards that can also be used for payments and UBand™, a contactless access wristband that can be used for access, payments and can be customized with your school’s logo. Accessories like university-branded lanyards and silicone mobile phone wallets are popular with college students as well.



Business and Industry

IDenticard can create a solution to the identification and security needs of businesses and industries of all sizes. Ensure visitors don’t overstay their welcome with TEMPbadge™ expiring badges, limit access to certain areas or rooms with PremiSys access control, identify your personnel with custom employee badges featuring your company’s logo and attach those badges with a variety of customizable lanyards and badge reels. IDenticard’s identification and security solutions will help create a safe, professional environment for your employees and guests.




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