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The PremiSys Mobile App being used to monitor security

Facility security with PremiSys

Maximum control over your facilities

  • Restrict or grant access to doors
  • View integrated surveillance video feeds
  • Monitor sites on the go with a mobile app

A key part of keeping a site secure is limiting who can access what parts of your premises. Restricting access to specific users or to certain rooms ensures that only authorized personnel can access employee-specific zones or other sensitive areas.

The PremiSys access control system from IDenticard is an ideal facility security solution for sites of all sizes. With PremiSys, a security director or guard can monitor all aspects of a site, including viewing surveillance video feeds and responding to alarms, from a computer monitor or a smartphone. PremiSys offers a comprehensive list of features, making it an ideal facility security system for schools, offices, laboratories and more.

Don’t forget PremiSys ID!

A man having his photo taken for use with PremiSys mobile

PremiSys ID is photo ID and badging software that can be combined with PremiSys access control for a number of helpful additional features. For example, when integrated with the PremiSys facility security system, cardholder photos can be displayed when a card is scanned. PremiSys ID adds functionality to the PremiSys mobile app as well, allowing users to take photos with a smartphone and use them to remotely print ID badges or cards to a networked printer.

PremiSys: The features you need for a complete security solution

Choosing and installing a security solution can be confusing, with many different options to choose from and factors to consider. IDenticard’s team of solutions specialists will work with you to craft the perfect security solution for your site, including an assessment of your site’s unique needs. Please contact us to set up an evaluation

    • Surveillance video integration: Combine PremiSys with a surveillance video system for a powerful access control and facility security solution. View video feeds when a card is scanned, view recorded video in case of an alarm and more. PremiSys is compatible with surveillance technology from many of the industry’s leading providers, including Exacq™, Avigilon™, Geutebruck™, Salient Systems™, Milestone XProtect™, Pelco™ and American Dynamics™.
A facility security director monitoring his site with PremiSys
  • Door control: Choose which personnel are allowed to open doors or access specific rooms, including grouping users by access rights and restricting access to users with the press of a button.
  • Lock down facilities: PremiSys allows you to immediately lock down all doors with the press of a button, providing instant security in case of emergency.
  • Monitor sites on the move: Many large sites have a single security guard or night watchman during non-business hours. The PremiSys mobile app allows a facility security officer to monitor all aspects of your site from a smartphone, meaning a guard can respond to an alarm in one building while doing his nightly rounds in another. With the PremiSys mobile app, a single security guard can do the work of multiple guards.
  • Photo recall: When integrated with PremiSys ID, PremiSys can show a cardholder’s photo on the screen whenever a card is scanned. This tool allows facility security officers to have visual confirmation that the cardholder is authorized to be accessing your facilities, eliminating the risk of stolen cards being used.

Create a custom PremiSys solution!

IDenticard has years of experience in the access control and facility security fields, giving us a number of helpful partnerships with hardware dealers and installers. These partnerships allow us to craft custom solutions for your site, including card readers, video equipment, software and more. Please contact us to learn more about what our custom solutions can do for you and to set up a site evaluation!

Compare our versions of PremiSys

PremiSys LT PremiSys PremiSys Pro
Number of doors Up to 8 Up to 40 Unlimited
Number of user interfaces 1 Up to 3 Unlimited
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