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School Security Systems

Keep students and staff safe with software, hardware and ID badging solutions

  • Manage multiple locations with a single database
  • Panic button to lockout/lockdown all doors
  • Instant notifications during emergencies

It’s an unfortunate reality: today’s schools need to take active measures to ensure the safety of students, faculty and staff. A single guard or school resource officer patrolling the halls or an “All Guests Must Sign In” sign at the front door are no longer good enough.

Current school security solutions must be able to serve a number of different purposes at once, including locking down doors in active shooter situations, alerting staff when a door is propped open and storing surveillance video in case of an incident.

The best way to secure a school, whether it’s a K-12 school or a sprawling college campus, is to install an innovative, integrated security and access control solution. The ideal system will use a variety of different technologies, from wireless locks to surveillance cameras, to keep tabs on all aspects of a school.

Stay up to date on the latest school security news by visiting our blog. Here, you’ll find commentary on industry trends, advice on best practices and more.

When it comes to school security, experience matters. IDenticard has spent decades installing solutions like the one described above. We’re proud to have solutions installed in dozens of elementary schools, high schools and colleges across North and Central America.

From school shooter solutions to lockdown systems for crash bar doors, we’ve got the products, service and expertise your school needs.

The three aspects of a modern school security solution

Today’s school security systems should take a three-pronged approach to securing people and premises: cutting-edge access control, comprehensive ID badging and thorough Visitor Management.

Access Control for Schools

TEMPbadge™ Visitor Management expiring badges, log books and software
  • Lockout/lockdown solutions
  • Physical panic button integration
  • Crash bar/push bar lockdown
  • Integration with surveillance video
  • Detailed reports on door activity
  • Immediate emergency alerts
  • Manage multiple locations

ID Badging Solutions for Schools

ID badges for students and school staff
  • Custom student ID badges
  • ID & access cards for teachers
  • Security features available
  • Multiple sizes and formats
  • Print your own or order pre-printed
  • ID card printers & supplies
  • Custom school lanyards & reels

Visitor Management for Schools

TEMPbadge™ Visitor Management expiring badges for schools and school visitor management software
  • Software & badge solutions
  • Enterprise software for multiple sites
  • Track and record all visitors
  • Store student custody lists
  • Screen against sex offender lists
  • School-themed expiring badges
  • Expiring visitor log books


School access control systems: Lockdown doors, monitor hallways, spot suspicious activity

One of the best ways to boost school security is to make the switch from standard lock-and-key doors to an access control system featuring card readers and smart credentials. Switching from physical keys has a number of benefits, but the biggest one is the ability to control all aspects of your system from a single software interface.

Our PremiSys™ school access control software is designed to give administrators maximum control over a site. From monitoring multiple buildings from a central location to dynamic mapping that quickly notifies you of the location of an alert, PremiSys allows you to keep tabs on your sites at all times.

  • Single database management PremiSys uses one database to manage all aspects of your system. This means that you’re able to monitor multiple sites, like different campus buildings, from a central location. See which door is ajar in Building A while sitting across campus in Building B — no walking required!
  • Lockout/lockdown capabilities One of the more valuable aspects of switching to a smart school access control system is the ability to lock all doors with the press of a button. This can be done with a click in the software interface, or through integration with physical panic button technology. This allows physical panic buttons to be placed in key locations in a school, making it easy to sound an alarm, lock all doors and more.
  • Remote lockdown for crash bar doors Ubiquitous in schools, crash bar doors (also known as push bar doors) used to require manual locking and unlocking with a hex key. With PremiSys, remote undogging and monitoring of crash bar doors makes locking these doors as simple as the press of a button. PremiSys can schedule crash bar doors to lock and unlock at specific times (like the beginning and end of the school day) and can also monitor the status of each door (locked, unlocked, propped open). Staff members no longer have to walk around manually checking each door, saving time.
  • Instant school emergency notifications Send security alerts or emergency notifications via text or email. Notifications can be set via pre-defined triggers to make them as accurate as possible. Different alerts can be sent to different groups as well.
  • Video surveillance integration PremiSys integrates with leading surveillance equipment for enhanced security. View live video or recall recorded video associated with lock alerts.
  • Mobile app for added convenience Manage your system on the go with the PremiSys Mobile App. Lock and unlock doors, register cardholders and more.



School ID badges: An easy way to enhance professionalism and security

A good school ID badge makes it easy to see who should or shouldn’t be on site, positively identifies staff and students at a quick glance and can even be used to open doors or make payments in the cafeteria.

  • Design your own school ID badges Add a logo, user photos, variable data and even a bar code. PremiSys ID makes it easy, even allowing you to take and print photos right from a mobile app!
  • A one-stop shop for ID needs We offer everything you need for a full ID solution: blank ID cards, ID card printers, printer supplies and even custom card credentials to display the finished product.


School ID badges: An easy way to enhance professionalism and security

One of the easiest ways to boost security at any site is to keep threats from ever entering a facility. This can be achieved through the installation of a comprehensive school Visitor Management solution.

Today’s Visitor Management systems use a combination of software and visitor badges to ensure that all guests at a site are monitored and tracked over the course of their stay. Visitor Management is of particular importance at schools, where substitute teachers, visiting speakers, vendors and more rotate in and out on a daily basis.

Consider a school Visitor Management system to be your first line of defense against any outside intruders.

  • Visitor Management software Solutions like PassagePoint® can be integrated with PremiSys for maximum functionality. Scan guests against sex offender registries, store student custody information and more.
  • Expiring visitor badges TEMPbadge™ expiring visitor badges use patented technology to show that a guest’s visit has ended after a predetermined amount of time. School-themed badges are perfect for issuing to visiting parents, volunteers and other personnel.

How to Find Grants for School Security

Finding school security grants

One of the biggest obstacles to getting that school security system in place is finding room for it in the budget.

But did you know that both state and federal funds are set aside specifically for boosting security in schools? Learn more about these grants and what it takes to apply for one.

School Security System Training

training for school security software

We’re happy to provide you with the training you need to get the most out of your PremiSys school security solution.

We offer factory-led training for your system administrators, operators and staff so they can respond quickly and effectively during an emergency.

Looking for custom card-carrying accessories? We’ve got you covered!

We offer a variety of stock and custom lanyards, badge reels and badge holders, the majority of which are made in our own factories. These tools are perfect for carrying and displaying ID badges while also showing some school pride with a logo or school colors.




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