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PremiSys® with Wireless Locks

Manage a variety of wireless locks from a single database

  • Gateway IP, Gateway RSI and Wi-Fi/offline solutions
  • Compatible with multiple Schlage® wireless lock styles
  • “No-Tour” solution available with Resident Manager™

Combining PremiSys with wireless locks from Schlage is a great way to create an effective, secure access control solution. The convenience and flexibility of wireless locks come together with the powerful, single-database management capabilities of PremiSys to create the perfect security solution for office buildings, college dormitories, nursing homes and more.

PremiSys goes above and beyond other access control software by offering a number of different ways to manage the locks in your system, including both real-time (online) and offline management.

Different situations require different kinds of locks. For example, wireless door locks are great for use on interior doors, but locks with hardwired readers may be better for perimeter doors. With PremiSys, you can manage locks with hardwired readers, Gateway IP locks and wireless locks in a single system.

The result is a truly customizable installation that users are able to mold to suit their unique needs.

What are Schlage ENGAGE wireless locks?

Schlage wireless locks are made by Allegion™, a leading manufacturer of security products, specifically door security hardware. These locks use Allegion’s ENGAGE technology, which provides simple, affordable access control solutions that can be scaled to fit needs of all sizes.

The locks use access credentials (proximity or smart technology), to grant access to a room with a simple wave of the card. These cards are often used for both identification and access, cutting down on costs by combining the two functions.

  • Install in minutes Most Schlage wireless locks can be installed with a single screwdriver and fit into standard cylindrical door holes, meaning no major construction is required. The ease of installation means an entire office of locks could be installed in a single afternoon.
  • Flexible Schlage wireless locks are able to communicate with access control software in a number of different ways. Choose from WiFi communication, Gateway IP with Bluetooth Low Energy and Gateway RSI with Bluetooth Low Energy.
  • Convenient The locks can be installed quickly and easily with a screwdriver, requiring no specialty tools.

Enterprise access control with PremiSys and wireless locks

The PremiSys access control system offers a number of facility security features designed to make it as easy as possible to secure the doors in your facility. When combined with the convenience of Schlage wireless locks, it becomes the perfect enterprise access control system for office buildings, factories, healthcare facilities and more.

This online solution allows for real-time updates to all locks in your system — no after-hours updates required. Enterprise access control with PremiSys and wireless locks is available in two different formats, allowing you to choose the method that best suits your facility.

  • Gateway IP (BLE) This format uses a local area network to connect to a gateway, which communicates with the wireless locks using Bluetooth Low Energy. Locks available with this connectivity method include the Schlage NDE Lock, Schlage Control Smart Lock and Schlage LE Mortise Lock. This method offers a robust selection of PremiSys features, but doesn’t require as much hardware.
  • Gateway RSI (BLE) Similar to the IP method above, this connectivity method requires a gateway. However, this method connects to a PoE controller first, after which it uses the gateway to communicate with the locks via Bluetooth Low Energy. This method is available with the Schlage NDE Lock and Schlage LE Mortise Lock. This method also provides the full feature set of PremiSys, including the PremiSys Security Management Dashboard and Mobile App.

Advanced door control offers simple, effective security

Along with the IP and RSI methods described above, PremiSys is able to work with wireless locks in an even more convenient fashion: through WiFi!

This is an “offline” solution due to the fact that the locks and PremiSys are not communicating in real-time. Instead, PremiSys can connect to the locks manually through daily calls via WiFi, updating cardholder records, holiday schedules and more.

The result is a system that is just as secure as an online solution, with the caveat being that any changes you make to cardholder records or access rights must be manually “pushed” to the lock.

  • Affordable Advanced door control with PremiSys and wireless locks helps an organization save by avoiding the costs of controllers, gateways and other hardware.
  • Simple With no controllers or gateways to install, you’ll cut down on your labor costs. Simply install the lock in a standard cylindrical door prep, connect and go!
  • Comprehensive Our offline solution offers a robust set of PremiSys features, including cardholder rights management, mobile badging, scheduled data imports, in-depth reporting and no limit on the number of doors in the system.

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