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K-12 education

Identify and secure facilities, staff and students

  • ID cards and badges for students and staff
  • Custom card accessories with your school’s logo
  • Visitor Management, access control systems, and panic buttons for maximum safety

Identification Solutions

Schools are busy places, and identifying who is who goes a long way towards promoting a safe environment conducive to learning. An identification solution from IDenticard will help effectively identify students and staff. IDenticard’s identification solutions also include training, set-up assistance and ongoing support for both software and hardware.

  • ID badges for students and teachers: IDenticard offers a number of ID badges and cards that can be used as student ID cards, with optional features like barcodes and magnetic stripes to allow for payments in school cafeterias. Teachers and staff will benefit from smart or proximity cards that can grant access to teacher lounges, supply rooms or staff offices. Our Premium Design Service will help you create a professionally designed custom card, leaving only names and photos to be printed on-site.
  • Photo ID software and printers: Schools producing ID badges on-site will benefit from professional photo ID software and a reliable card printer, both of which are offered by IDenticard. Our support teams provide timely software updates and repairs as necessary, ensuring that your badging program runs smoothly.
  • Card accessories: IDenticard’s line of card accessories will effectively attach a badge or card to the wearer. Customize a lanyard or badge reel with your school’s logo to increase school pride.

    Access and Safety Solutions

    Keeping students and staff safe is of the utmost importance. Increase security at your school with an access control and safety solution from IDenticard. IDenticard’s solutions specialists will assess your site’s needs and recommend the ideal access control and safety system while also assisting with installation and troubleshooting.

    • PremiSys: The PremiSys access control system allows you to monitor your facilities and better control who gains access to your classrooms and other buildings. This increased control leads to a more secure school for your students and staff. PremiSys can be integrated with school surveillance video feeds and can generate reports of who opened what doors, ideal for use in school laboratories or supply rooms. In the event of a school emergency, PremiSys can lock down all doors with the press of a button.
    • PremiSys mobile app: This convenient application allows you to perform many security functions from your smartphone, putting school security in the palm of your hand. Ideal for schools with a single security director or a security guard who walks the halls, the PremiSys mobile app can be used to view video feeds, extend or revoke a user’s access rights and even lock down all doors.
    • React Mobile ®: A precise, location-based modern panic button and alert system that empowers your faculty and staff.

      Visitor Management Solutions

      Guests are an important part of school life, from visiting lecturers to volunteers. A Visitor Management solution from IDenticard allows your school to welcome guests with open arms while also processing and screening them to keep your students and staff safe. A key part of IDenticard’s Visitor Management solutions is a needs assessment: every site is different, and our solutions specialists will work with you to determine which Visitor Management solution best fits your unique needs.

      • TEMPbadge™ Visitor Badge Log Books and expiring badges TEMPbadge expiring badges are a versatile Visitor Management tool. Smaller schools will benefit from the use of a TEMPbadge Visitor Badge Log Books featuring expiring badges. This log book makes signing in easy for guests while simultaneously creating a visitor record for schools. Individual expiring badges can be issued to volunteers to show when a guest’s time is up. TEMPbadges designed specifically for schools are available.
      • Visitor Management systems Larger schools or schools with a high volume of visitors will benefit from a Visitor Management system. TEMPbadge VMS™ is a full-service Visitor Management system that is customizable, easy to use and prints a badge in just four clicks and five seconds. PassagePoint EDU was designed with schools in mind, allowing for the screening of visitors against sexual predator databases and the storage of student custodial information to ensure that the appropriate guardian is picking up a student. These scalable Visitor Management solutions can grow as your school’s needs grow, and IDenticard will be there to provide support and service every step of the way.
      • WhosOnLocation web-based Visitor Management: WhosOnLocation is an innovative web-based Visitor Management tool that is packed with features and perfect for schools of all sizes. The software is completely web-based, requiring now downloads or installations. Features include easy guest sign-in, visitor pre-registration, evacuation management, compatibility with TEMPbadge expiring badges and more. Securing students and staff starts with a strong Visitor Management system, and WhosOnLocation can be that system for schools of all kinds.
        K-12 Education Solutions

        Safety and security for students and staff are of the utmost importance in today’s schools. A safe environment is key to a successful school, and in today’s busy world, it’s more important than ever to properly identify all visitors to school grounds and restrict those who are unwelcome.

        IDenticard has been helping schools stay secure for decades as a leading provider of identification, security and Visitor Management solutions to K-12 schools across the United States and Canada. IDenticard has full-scale solutions for schools of all sizes, from student identification cards for a large high school to comprehensive Visitor Management software for a local middle school.




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