Zebra ZXP Series 9 Dual-Sided Printer with Lamination Option

Item #: ZBR-92000C0000US00
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Product Description

With dual-sided printing and lamination options, this top-of-the-line ID card printer from Zebra® does it all.

The ZXP Series 9 is one of the fastest ID card printers on the market, capable of churning out up to 180 dual-sided cards per hour. Throw in the protection of dual-sided lamination and it's not hard to see why the ZXP Series 9 is the perfect government ID or student ID card printer.

This is a retransfer printer with the imagery printed on a thin transfer film, which is then fused to the surface of the card. Because the printhead doesn't have to come into contact with the card surface, retransfer printers are perfect for smart cards or cards with internal wires.

The ZXP Series 9 uses Zebra's Color Predictive Technology (CPT), which uses algorithms to create the most lifelike colors possible. Over-the-edge printing gives your cards a professional look: no white border.

This model of the ZXP Series 9 is available in several variations. All of the variations below feature a dual-sided card printing capability. 

  • ZBR-92000C0000US00: Offers dual-sided printing and Ethernet connectivity
  • ZBR-93000C0000US00: Offers dual-sided printing, single-sided lamination and Ethernet connectivity
  • ZBR-94000C0000US00: Offers dual-sided printing, dual-sided lamination and Ethernet connectivity

This printer allows the user to select different print modes: standard, which offers faster speeds at a slightly lower quality, or fine, which offers full quality.

Custom holographic laminate ribbons are available for those who want to add a layer of security along with their lamination.

It's covered by a 2 year manufacturer warranty, or choose a PDC IDenticard warranty to further protect your investment. 

Printer BrandZebra
Mfg Part NumberZ92-000C0000US00, Z93-000C0000US00, Z94-000C0000US00
Single or dual-sidedDual Sided Printing
LaminationSingle and Dual Sided Lamination Options Available
Warranty TierTier 5; ValueCare and ValuePlus IDenticard Warranty Options; 1-4 years
Printer MFG warranty2 Years
Printhead WarrantyLifetime
Print areaOver the Edge
Printer MFG Hot-SwapYes
ConnectivityUSB, Ethernet
Print methodReverse Transfer
Printer Weight46
Dimensions13.2" x 30.75" x 20.4"
Printer Input SizeCR80, 30 mils
Printer SpeedUp to 180 cards per hour
Printer Input Hopper150
Printer Output Hopper100
Card VolumeHigh
Magnetic Stripe EncodingNo
Smart Card EncodingNo
Prox Card EncodingNo
Locking Card HopperNo
Single-Side LaminationYes - Option Available
Dual-Side LaminationYes - Option Available 
Holographic OverlayYes
Oversized CardsNo