UBand™ Proximity Wearable Credential

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Product Description

Wear your proximity card on your wrist! UBand from IDenticard is a silicone wristband that contains a 125 kHz proximity chip, allowing you to use the wristband the same way you’d use a proximity card. This innovative wearable is available in three wrist circumference sizes (6”, 7”, 8”) and can be customized to feature graphics or text.

UBand is available in multiple bit formats, including 26 bit, 35 bit and 37 bit, ensuring that there’s a fit for your organization. UBand is also compatible with many HID® proximity formats, meaning it can serve as a direct replacement for HID® cards in many cases.

UBand outperforms standard proximity cards in a number of ways:

  • Durability Made of strong silicone rubber, UBand will stand up to the rigors of daily use. UBand is waterproof and sweatproof, making it an ideal access solution for active environments like gyms and waterparks. UBand's design allows it to sit comfortably on the wrist and slide on and off with ease.
  • Wearability UBand is a modern proximity solution, providing innovative contactless access in the form of a convenient wristband. Gone are the days of searching pockets for a card or leaving your lanyard at home. With UBand, access is easy: simply tap your wrist and go!
  • Customizability Our proximity UBand is available in two in-stock colors, but can be ordered in custom colors as well. Logos, graphics and text can be added in three different print formats (embossing, debossing and screen printing) for a truly unique accessory. Custom colors and graphics are subject to longer lead times and a higher minimum order quantity.

UBand Proximity is available in blue and black.

125 kHz Proximity
UBand Format HID® Compatible Color Part#
26 Bit 26 Bit H10301 Blue UBAND-BLUE-PRX-26
26 Bit 26 Bit H10301 Black UBAND-BLK-PRX-26
35 Bit 35 Bit Corporate 1000 Blue UBAND-BLU-PRX-35
35 Bit 35 Bit Corporate 1000 Black UBAND-BLK-PRX-35
37 Bit Huge 37 Bit H10302 Blue UBAND-BLU-PRX-372
37 Bit Huge 37 Bit H10302 Black UBAND-BLK-PRX-372
37 Bit Standard 37 Bit H10304 Black UBAND-BLK-PRX-374
37 Bit Standard 37 Bit H10304 Black UBAND-BLK-PRX-374
37 Bit IDenticard Secure Encryption N/A Blue UBAND-BLU-PRX-37E
37 Bit IDenticard Secure Encryption N/A Black UBAND-BLK-PRX-37E
All parts are available in three sizes: small (6"), medium (7") and large (8")