TIMEspot Expiring Visitor Badge FRONT - Pre-Printed "T" (Box of 1000)

Item #: T6428
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Product Description

These TIMEspot expiring visitor badge spot fronts are pre-printed with a blue "T" for Temporary. They pair with TIMEspot expiring badge backs for a full, yet subtle expiring solution, with the expiration indicators limited to a small coin-sized section.

BOX of 1000 VISITOR BADGE SPOT FRONTS - Half-Day, 1-Day, or 7-Day Expiration Period, Pre-printed with a blue "T"

Please note that this is not a complete solution. An expiring TIMEspot back is required.

Choose between Half-Day, 1-Day and 7-Day expiration periods, which determines when a series of red lines will appear to show a visitor's time is up.