TEMPbadge® Expiring Slotted Visitor Badges - Pre-Printed "VISITOR", Hand-Writable (Box of 500)

Item #: T2014
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Product Description

Simple and effective, this single-piece expiring visitor badge is perfect for those seeking a convenient solution. It comes with "VISITOR" pre-printed and is hand-writable. 

BOX OF 500 VISITOR BADGES - 1 Day Expiration

Once activated, this expiring guest badge shows a series of red lines after a day, showing that the badge is no longer valid. This provides easy visual verification that a guest is no longer welcome on-site.

This TEMPbadge® solution is one piece, meaning it doesn't require a separate back or front part: simply remove the middle liner and press the badge together to activate the expiration.

The badge also features a slot, not an adhesive back, meaning a clip of some kind is required to issue this badge.

The visitor's name can be handwritten on the badge using a marker, pen or pencil.

Expiring visitor badges are a great way to quickly add a layer of security to sites of all kinds, enhancing workplace safety in the process.