Dual-Sided Printing Module with Included Dual-Simultaneous Lamination Module (Fargo DTC4500)

Item #: FAR-047724
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Product Description

Upgrade your Fargo DTC4500 PVC ID card printer with these powerful modules from Fargo. This dual-sided printing module also includes a dual-simultaneous lamination module, turning a standard PVC printer into a powerful badging machine.

Dual-sided printing allows for the creation of more professional credentials, while also providing more versatility. Organizations can print user information on the front of a card and include a barcode or magnetic stripe on the back to create a functional card solution.

Dual-simultaneous lamination brings protection to both sides of your ID credential, as both the front and back of the card will be protected with a layer of laminate. Both sides are coated at the same time, creating a more efficient lamination process. Laminated cards are more durable than standard PVC cards, providing protection against fading, cracking, bending and more.

These upgrade modules will make the Fargo DTC4500 perfect for creating professional, fully laminated student ID cards, government ID credentials, employee ID cards and more.

Mfg Part Number 047724
Printer Brand HID Fargo
Printer Model DTC4500
Printer Supply 1572
Ribbon Configuration -
Ribbon Prints -
Printer Supplies Quantity -
Printer Supplies Weight 9