Blank laser-printable ID cards with horizontal slot (Data Collection Size, 3.25" x 2.313", 4 cards per 8.5" x 11" sheet)

Item #: C71-LPCSR
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    Product Description

    Note: Laser-printable LaserPak cards require a laminating pouch to create a fully finished card. For this product, please consider laminating pouch F87-73HSDWP.

    Simple, effective black-and-white ID cards, straight from your laser printer.

    What could be easier?

    These LaserPak™ ID cards bring you the durability of synthetic paper and laminate combined with the convenience of in-office printing, without the need for an expensive plastic ID card printer.

    What is a LaserPak?

    LaserPak is one of IDenticard’s™ synthetic paper ID cards. This version of the synthetic paper material is meant to be quickly customized with a laser printer.

    LaserPak ID cards are a two-piece system: a LaserPak insert (this product) and a separate laminating pouch.

    To create your fully-finished ID card, simply print out the card, pop it out of the pre-cut sheet, place it in a laminating pouch and run the pouch through a laminating machine.

    The result? A durable, professional ID credential, created in seconds.

    Four cards per sheet for maximum efficiency

    This LaserPak solution allows you to print up to four ID cards at a single time. The LaserPak inserts come four per 8.5” x 11” sheet, with each individual insert measuring 2.313” x 3.25” (standard data collection size).

    The inserts feature horizontal slots, meaning they are to be used for horizontal cards only.

    Let us make them yours

    We’re able to create custom laser-printable LaserPaks to meet your needs. We can print a logo, text, colors and more on the cards and send them to you, leaving only the variable data, like a user’s photo, title or name, to be printed on-site. Save time and energy by letting us do the work for you. Please contact us if you’re interested in custom LaserPak cards.

    Card Dimensions 3.25" x 2.32" (83 mm x 59 mm)
    Card Material Synthetic paper
    Common Card Size Data Collection
    Card Thickness 10 mils
    Magnetic Stripe No
    Customizable Yes
    Slotted Yes - Horizontal
    Packaging 25 sheets, four cards per sheet