BackPak JetPak Laminating Pouch (2.06" x 3.31", 14 mils)

Item #: F83-32TPBP
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    Product Description

    Clamshell cards or thick smart cards can be convenient solutions. However, the thickness of the cards often prevents them from being customized using a standard PVC or inkjet printer. Our JetPak™ BackPak solution helps turn those unprintable cards into a full identification solution.

    This BackPak laminating pouch measures 2.06" by 3.31" and combines with our BackPak-sized JetPak insert to create a fully printed and laminated ID credential. The pouch has an adhesive layer on the back, allowing the finished credential to be attached to an existing card. The BackPak card won't interfere with your existing card's internal technology, meaning you'll be able to offer full identification to go along with the card's existing functionality.

    Creating a finished BackPak card is simple:

    1. Using an inkjet printer, print your ID badge on the BackPak insert.
    2. Peel off the top laminate layer on the BackPak pouch and put the printed insert inside.
    3. Replace the top laminate layer and put the entire pouch through a laminating machine.
    4. After the card has been laminated, remove the adhesive liner on the back of the pouch and attach your fully finished card to your existing card.

    It's that simple!

    This BackPak solution is perfect for organizations using smart cards or clamshell cards for access who also want to add an element of visual identification to their system. Instead of requiring your employees to carry two cards at once, simply attach this convenient BackPak solution to the existing card.

    This product requires a JetPak insert (sold separately) for use. Please use our BackPak-sized insert, SKU C71-JETVSBP.

    Card Dimensions 2.06" x 3.31" (54 mm x 84 mm)
    Card Material Polyester/Polyethylene
    Common Card Size -
    Card Thickness 14 mils
    Slotted No
    Packaging -