Adhesive-Backed Security Overlay with "Key & Seal" Hologram (7 mils)

Item #: 0602-4900
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    Product Description

    "Key & seal" design adds professionalism and security to any ID credential

    Sure, you want your ID card to be secure and protected against counterfeiters.

    But you also want it to look cool, right?

    It's OK to admit it! Organizations love to compare credentials, and having that cool look is a definite differentiator.

    This security overlay offers increased security and a cool look, making it the perfect ID card solution for credentials of all kinds.

    Designed for use with CR80/credit card-sized cards, these overlays are just 7-mils thick and feature a holographic key and seal pattern.

    The overlay itself is clear, with the holographic pattern only appearing at certain angles to reflect the light. The overlay's holographic properties can't be duplicated by a standard printer or copier, making this a great anti-counterfeiting solution.

    • Overlay is CR80/credit card size, measuring 2.13" x 3.38".
    • An adhesive back makes this overlay easy to apply: simply peel and stick!
    • Consider a card alignment guide (SKU AG-1), which helps you put the overlays on correctly the first time.
    Card MaterialLaminate
    Card Dimensions 2.13" x 3.38" (54 mm x 86 mm)
    Card Thickness 7 mils
    Packaging 500 overlays per pack