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TEMPbadge™ Visitor Badge Log Books

A secure, simple way to log visitors

  • Simple, one-step expiring badges
  • Visitor information is handwritten for quick sign-in
  • Badges can be customized with your graphic or logo

TEMPbadge Visitor Badge Log Books will bring your sign-in process to the future, providing a duplicate visitor record and a self-expiring adhesive badge, all with the stroke of a pen. The badges used in TEMPbadge Visitor Badge Log Books will expire to show a red-colored “VOID” symbol after 14-16 hours, ensuring that a guest can’t overstay his or her welcome and providing heightened security at your site.

Tracking visitors is common practice at organizations of all sizes. The most common technique involves a visitor log book, where a guest signs his or her name, the date and other variable information before being sent on his or her way.

However, this process is far from secure: standard log books don’t keep duplicate records in case the book is lost, don’t keep guest information secure and don’t provide a way of knowing if a guest is still on the premises. Simply put, standard sign-in books are an outdated method of Visitor Management.

Combining ease-of-use and affordability, TEMPbadge Visitor Badge Log Books are the perfect sign-in books for today’s security-conscious world. TEMPbadge Visitor Badge Log Books are ideal for use as school log books, hospital sign-in books and more.

1. Sign in

When a guest arrives, he or she is instructed to write his or her name, the date, the time or other variable information required by your site. This handwritten information goes on the expiring badge itself, but also is duplicated underneath the badge. This provides a record of each badge issued.

2. Peel and fold

Simply peel the adhesive badge off of the log book and fold back the included tab to activate the expiring badge.

3. Issue!

Give the badge to your guest, and that’s it! The entire process is efficient and as simple as can be. The badges will expire within 16 hours, eliminating the need to collect visitor badges at the end of the day.


Why TEMPbadge Visitor Badge Log Books?

Organizations that currently use a standard sign-in book or lack a Visitor Management solution may wonder how TEMPbadge Log Books will benefit them. TEMPbadge Log Books provide the following benefits to organizations of any size:

  • Simplicity: Aside from a pen or pencil, no hardware or software of any kind is required. TEMPbadge Visitor Badge Log Books require little to no training, making them ideal for sites of all kinds.
  • Security: TEMPbadge Visitor Badge Log Books provide more security than standard sign-in books by creating a record of each badge issued and by using expiring badges that ensure a guest won’t overstay his or her welcome.
  • Customizability: TEMPbadge Visitor Badge Log Books are sold blank, but can be customized to feature your logo, text, colors and other unique information. Add a logo and “VOLUNTEER” header for use at schools, or customize a log book with a hospital logo to lend a more professional look to your Visitor Management system.
  • Affordability: TEMPbadge Visitor Badge Log Books are a low-cost solution, with each log book containing hundreds of expiring badges. With no software or add-ons required, TEMPbadge Visitor Badge Log Books are the smart Visitor Management solution for budget-conscious organizations.



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