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TEMPbadge expiring visitor badges

Patented technology allows you to see that a guest’s time is up with a simple glance

  • Half-day, 1-day and 7-day time frames
  • Single-piece or two-piece solutions
  • Customize by hand or with a printer

Giving visitor badges to your guests is one of the most popular methods of Visitor Management. It’s easy to see why: visitor badges are affordable and easy to issue. However, they also present problems, particularly with unauthorized reuse. TEMPbadge expiring visitor badges eliminate those problems.

TEMPbadge expiring visitor badges are a patented visitor badge solution designed to provide fast, visual verification that a guest’s allotted time is up. Unlike standard paper badges, TEMPbadge visitor badges show a series of red lines or other expiration indicators after a predetermined time frame, making it clear that the guest’s visit should be over.

How are TEMPbadge expiring visitor badges used?

TEMPbadge visitor badges are designed to be issued to guests upon arrival. At first issue, the badge is blank, looking like any other paper badge.

A guest’s name, the date and other important data can be either handwritten or printed directly on the badge, depending on the style. The badge is then issued to the guest, either with a clip or stuck on using the adhesive back.

Once the badge is activated, the guest goes about his or her business as usual. As time goes on, the badge begins to slowly expire. One the time limit is reached, red lines or other expiration indicators appear, making it clear that the guest is no longer authorized to be on-site.

When the guest leaves, he or she can simply throw the used badge away — because it can’t be reused, there’s no need to collect badges at day’s end!


How do expiring visitor badges work?

Our expiring visitor badges were invented using a patented migrating ink technology. This technology use two different badge parts: a front and a back.

The badges are designed in such a way that when the front and back are combined, the front slowly absorbs the ink from the back over the course of a half-day, full day or 7-day period.

This is where the term “migrating ink” comes from: the ink slowly makes its way to the front of the badge over the predetermined amount of time.

Enhanced technology takes the familiar TEMPbadge process and makes it even better

We recently took the TEMPbadge technology that shook up the visitor badge world more than three decades ago and enhanced it to make it a better solution for all of our customers.

We fine-tuned the formula to make it more accurate and more visible, with a brighter red and sharper lines. This technology received a new patent, and our enhanced line of TEMPbadge expiring visitor badges was born.

These enhanced TEMPbadge visitor badges take the best parts of TEMPbadge (innovative technology) and improve them by making them more accurate, more flexible and easier to use — all without increasing the price!

Key features and benefits of TEMPbadge

  • Time frames Three expiration time frames available: Half-day, 1-day and 7-day
  • Badge Types Choose from slotted badges to use with a clip or adhesive-backed badges
  • Styles Choose from single-piece solutions or separate badge front/badge back solutions
  • Variations Badges with expiring spots/tokens are available for less obvious expiration
  • Black mask Badge backs feature black mask that prevents premature bleed-through
  • Universal badge backs Mix and match with the appropriate badge front
  • Printed indicator Expiration time frame is printed on the badge for easy recognition
  • Personalization Certain SKUs can be customized with an inkjet or thermal printer, while others can be customized by hand

Looking for more Visitor Management?

TEMPbadge expiring visitor badges are a great solution on their own. However, they also serve as an excellent complement to a Visitor Management software installation. Organizations seeking more security and more safety would benefit from a system that can sign-in guests, track contractors and more.

IDenticard’s team of Visitor Management experts has installed systems across North America, from hospitals to factories. Browse our offering or contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Shop for TEMPbadge expiring visitor badges online

Interested in getting expiring visitor badges for your site? Our new interactive TEMPbadge selector tool makes it easy for you to zoom in on the perfect products for you.

This tool allows the user to select important criteria and only shows the results that meet the criteria, helping the user really zero in on the right product for their needs.

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