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Asset, Contractor and Employee Attendance Management

Go beyond the guest to better track personnel of all kinds

  • Included, free of charge, with any WhosOnLocation license
  • Register visiting contractors to ensure accurate billing
  • Keep track of company assets — no more lost supplies!

As we’ve stated before, WhosOnLocation is a great Visitor Management program. However, it goes above and beyond standard Visitor Management with the wealth of features it offers, free of charge. Three of those features fall under the umbrella of what we call People Presence Management: Contractor Management, Employee Attendance Management and Asset Management.

All three of these modules help increase the user’s control over the safety and security of his or her worksite by tracking different kinds of personnel or company assets. Each is included with the purchase of a WhosOnLocation license.

What is People Presence Management?

People Presence Management is similar to Visitor Management in that it tracks people coming to a site. However, People Presence Management refers to the practice of tracking known personnel, particularly tracking employees and contractors.

Employees and contractors aren’t really “visitors”, as they arrive at a site regularly and tend to stay for a pretty long time. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be interested in tracking their presence.

While guests are tracked for security reasons, employees, contractors and assets should be tracked for different reasons, including insurance purposes, billing and liability issues.

By practicing People Presence Management at your site, you’ll have a better handle on what’s going on with your employees, contractors and assets.

Check out a post from our blog, IDenticard Insights, to get more information on People Presence Management


Contractor Management: Check insurances, manage billing issues and more

Contractors are essential to many worksites. Whether your contractors are workers performing repairs on your building, or are regular visitors to perform check-ups on key systems, you need them to help make sure things run smoothly.

Contractors also come with unique challenges, making a good Contractor Management solution key to keeping your site running like a well-oiled machine.

Contractor Management with WhosOnLocation takes all of the best aspects of Visitor Management and applies them to contractors, along with some bonus features.

  • Detailed sign-in/sign-out Make your contractors sign in and out to provide clarity when it comes to hours worked and billing. No more “he said, she said” — you’ll have digital proof of the hours your contractors worked.
  • Manage insurance Ensuring that your contractors are insured is key to successful Contractor Management. WhosOnLocation allows you to store contractor insurance records right in the system, allowing you to make sure they meet your requirements and see when they’ve expired.
  • Inductions Do you have a safety video you need contractors to watch before they begin work, or maybe a full safety course you’d like them to walk through? With WhosOnLocation Contractor Management, your induction will appear on the sign-in screen, meaning workers won’t get on-site without taking it.
  • Acknowledgement notices Notify your contractors about any on-the-job-hazards they may encounter and get digital confirmation that they’re aware of the risks.
  • Lone worker alerts If you have a remote worksite, setup specific alerts around solitary workers. Get notified if the worker has stayed longer than expected, check in from time to time and more, helping make your lone worker feel slightly less alone.

Employee Attendance Management: Increase accountability and safety for your personnel

When you were in school, taking attendance was easy: just raise your hand and say “here!” In the professional world, however, attendance is a bit trickier, though just as important. At facilities of all kinds, from standard offices to factories, organizations continue to use antiquated employee sign-in systems.

Punch clocks? Sign-in sheets? These outdated methods are easy to bypass, hard to track and offer little in the way of reporting.

Step up your sign-in system by adding Employee Attendance Management to your site with WhosOnLocation.

  • Multiple ways to sign in Your employees can sign in at a WhosOnLocation kiosk, can tag themselves as in or out on their computers or can even scan a card. All of the data is recorded in WhosOnLocation.
  • See who’s in and who’s out WhosOnLocation allows site administrators or managers to see, at a glance, which employees are on-site and which are out. Administrators are also able to check the status of any employee immediately, and can even sign employees in or out if necessary.
  • Take it on the go Employees can use the WhosOnLocation mobile app to tag themselves as on-site or as being present at another location. This data is stored in WhosOnLocation and can be viewed by administrators.
  • Detailed reporting Eliminate worries about hourly billing or attendance with a wealth of data in your WhosOnLocation system. View graphs, track real-time employee data and more.
  • Be prepared By having your employees sign in and out, you’ll be better prepared in the event of an emergency. You won’t have to run around looking for employees who may or may not have been in the building that day; instead, the information you need will be right there on your phone with the WhosOnLocation mobile app.

Asset Management: No more wondering about the location of important supplies

It’s a fact of life in just about every business: shared assets go missing. Whether you work at a school and it’s a shared projector, or at a construction co-op and it’s a nail gun, things have a strange way of disappearing.

Some organizations try to find a way around this by requiring employees to write a name on a piece of paper before borrowing an asset, but that system can’t tell if an item has been returned, when it’s due back and where it’s being used.

WhosOnLocation does all of that and more, making it a perfect Asset Management solution for office buildings, schools, government offices and any other organization where valuable assets are shared among several personnel.

  • Create groups Asset groups allow you to pool your assets into specific categories. Create a group like “Tech” for cameras, laptops and projectors, then create another group called “Supplies” for mail carts, staplers and similar items.
  • Create a tag Assign a unique number (or even a barcode) for each item, allowing that item to be differentiated from a similar item.
  • Give it some data You can attach a wealth of data to your asset, including a home location, a geolocation, an asset owner and an asset department.
  • Sign it out When an employee comes to borrow an asset, you’ll be able to record the employee’s name, location and when the asset is due back, making it easy to keep track of possessions.
  • Keep track The WhosOnLocation Asset Management dashboard makes it easy to see what assets are where with clear color coding: red assets are overdue, green assets are in, blue assets are out and orange assets are out, but due within an hour.
  • View history You can view the history of each of your assets, including who had the asset out and when. This is particularly useful if an employee uncovers damage on an asset, as it allows the administrator to zero in on the person responsible.

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