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Identicard® Introduces Rack Armor™: A Physical Security Solution to Monitor Server Racks

IDenticard®, a leading manufacturer of integrated security solutions, today announced the launch of its Rack Armor™ server protection system, a patent-pending physical security solution that secures and monitors server rack access at the cabinet level. The system features easy-to-use dynamic mapping and customizable reporting capabilities to identify and track who accesses server racks and specifically where, when and for how long access takes place. Consisting of innovative software and hardware to improve security of physical data systems, Rack Armor™ server protection provides a complete solution for controlling access and monitoring the security status of server racks, thus protecting valuable data at its source.

"In today’s world, there are few assets as valuable as data. Rack Armor™ server protection is a revolutionary security product designed to protect these assets by helping IT professionals and others avoid security breaches in data centers which are often highly vulnerable locations," said Andre Motta, General Manager, IDenticard Access Control. "The Rack Armor™ system addresses an increasing customer need and desire for a data security system that is greatly improved over what was currently available. Its intelligent software, coupled with IDenticard hardware and badges, drastically enhances physical data security."

Features of Rack Armor™ server protection include:

  • Dynamic Mapping provides a graphic display of the system and allows the user to instantly visualize the security status of server racks across multiple locations.
  • When a rack is in alarm, users can quickly drill down to pinpoint and display its exact location.
  • The rack action screen provides instant verification of the security status for both front and back doors of each cabinet and rack access panel.
  • Icons show if a door is forced or key is used, and display the status of doors, locks and swing handles.
  • Users can remotely and immediately lock, unlock or lock-out a rack through the software.
  • With linked cameras, users can instantly view live video, and record and store video logs of cabinet access, server rack actions and user keystrokes.
  • Robust reports generator provides complete detail of rack access, transactions and alarm acknowledgements that can be exported as Excel, Word, RTF or PDF files.
  • For more information or to contact a sales representative, visit the Rack Armor webpage.

    IDenticard has been a leader in the manufacturing of identification and security products for more than 40 years. A division of Brady Corp (NYSE: BRC) with offices in both the United States and Canada, IDenticard is proud to serve over 22,000 customers around the world, including federal agencies, hospitals, universities and multiple Fortune 500 companies. IDenticard's mission is to offer unparalleled sales, service and support to all of our customers.


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