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IDenticard announces move to a new facility in Manheim

Manheim, Pennsylvania (Aug. 22, 2016) — IDenticard today announced the relocation of its offices, moving from its former home in Lancaster to a new facility a few miles up the road in Manheim, Pennsylvania.

The move closes the book on several successful years in downtown Lancaster and serves as a sign of IDenticard’s continued growth and commitment to providing better products, services and support to its customers.

The new facility in Manheim was purchased outright by IDenticard and will be home to dozens of employees, including customer service representatives, sales solutions specialists, research and development associates, technical support staff and more.

Along with offering modern amenities and more space for employees, the move to this facility includes a number of components that will be beneficial to IDenticard customers.

The facility features improved, state-of-the-art training facilities, giving IDenticard a better space to work with partners to ensure they are kept up to date on the latest products and services.

The facility also offers expanded laboratory space, which will give IDenticard necessary room to continue to develop innovative hardware and software products. This laboratory space also allows the creation of an expanded testing laboratory, ensuring a better product experience for all customers.

A larger production space will also be a feature at the new facility, enabling IDenticard to enhance existing processes and offer new services to its customers.

IDenticard’s new address is 148 E Stiegel Street, Manheim, Pennsylvania, 17545. The remit-to address for payments has not changed, nor has the phone number (800-233-0298).




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