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The 3 Most Common ID Card Sizes [Infographic]


ID cards are a common item, one that pretty much everyone will use at one point in their lives.

However, if you asked the average person for the dimensions of a standard ID card, the answer would probably be something like "the size of a credit card" or "a few inches."

The truth is, when many organizations are looking to get new ID credentials or to switch up their badging program, they aren't quite sure which size to choose. 

This helpful infographic below illustrates the three most common card sizes, including their dimensions and common uses, to answer the question:

What size ID card do I need?

Remember: this is just a guide, not a rulebook. There's nothing wrong with having credit card-sized government ID, or a data collection-sized student ID!

Use the guide below to determine which size would best meet your organization's needs.



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We have plenty of different ID card options in all kinds of sizes. Use the button below to browser our ID card offering to find the size and type of card that best suits you.


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