Vinyl Vertical S-Series Proximity Card Holder, 3" x 4 1-2"

Item #: 504-FS
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    Product Description
    • Government card size
    • Proximity card holder
    • Slot through the front and back so a strap clip secures the card
    • Available in anti-print transfer material
    • Vertical
    Design Type Flexible
    Layout Vertical
    Thickness 0.042" (1.06 mm)
    Size Mid-sized
    Material Vinyl
    Capacity Single-card
    Dimensions Outside 3.25" x 4.75" (83 mm x 121 mm)
    Dimensions Insert 3" x 4.5" (76 mm x 114 mm)
    Extraction Type Manual
    Attachment Slot
    Colored (full holder or color top) No
    Color Clear
    Clothing-friendly No
    Resealable closure No
    Locking card case -
    Anti-print transfer No
    Shielded for identity protection No
    Eco-friendly No
    Wallet No
    Multiple Card Holder No