Vinyl Vertical Badge Holder with flap closure, slot and chain holes, 2-5/8" x 3-7-8"

Item #: 506-35FS
  • The minimum quantity is 100
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    The minimum quantity allowed for purchase is 100.
    Product Description

    This vertical badge holder is a great way to ensure your badge is secure, yet still easy to remove from the badge holder. The flap closure keeps your ID card protected from dirt and moisture. The holder is also available with anti-print transfer. It features slot and chain holes for use with any lanyard, reel, neck chain or strap. Also comes in an anti-print transfer material to prevent card sticking/print transfer onto the badge holder. One half inch longer and three-eighths wider than a credit card.

    • Measures 2 5/8" x 3 7/8".
    • Minimum quantity of 100.
    • Outside dimensions of 3.00" x 5.00".
    • Anti-Print product known as 506-35FSJ.
    Design Type Flexible
    Layout Vertical
    Thickness 0.040" (1 mm)
    Size Standard
    Material Vinyl
    Capacity Single-card
    Dimensions Outside 3" x 5" (76 mm x 127 mm)
    Dimensions Insert 2.63" x 3.70" (67 mm x 94 mm)
    Extraction Type Manual
    Attachment Chain holes,Slot
    Colored (full holder or color top) No
    Color Clear
    Clothing-friendly No
    Resealable closure No
    Locking card case No
    Anti-print transfer No
    Shielded for identity protection No
    Eco-friendly No
    Wallet No
    Multiple Card Holder No