Shielded Sleeve - Blank Paper RFID Identity Protection Sleeves

Item #: 1840-5084
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    Product Description

    Protect your smart card from dangerous data theft known as skimming using this shielded ID badge sleeve.

    This sleeve contains a thin piece of metal that prevents your card from being read without authorization. This is the perfect badge holder for protecting PIV, CAC, TWIC, FRAC and other 13.56 mHz smart credentials.

    Each sleeve has room for one CR80/credit card-sized ID card (2.13" x 3.38").

    Custom sleeves are available as well! Add your logo, graphic, text and more to create the perfect custom shielded solution. Contact us for more information.

    • MOQ of 500 pieces for custom sleeves

    Unfamiliar with skimming? Check out our blog post to see just how much of a threat skimming can be.

    Design Type
    Layout Horizontal
    Thickness -
    Size -
    Material -
    Capacity -
    Dimensions Outside -
    Dimensions Insert -
    Extraction Type -
    Attachment -
    Colored (full holder or color top) -
    Color Blue
    Clothing-friendly -
    Resealable closure -
    Locking card case -
    Anti-print transfer -
    Shielded for identity protection -
    Eco-friendly -
    Wallet -
    Multiple Card Holder No