Reusable red card back with printed "VISITOR", (Box of 200)

Item #: 08178
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Product Description

Our TEMPbadge™ cardstock badge backs are the perfect solution for organizations who want to issue adhesive badges without requiring guests to stick them onto their clothing. These badge backs are made of laminated cardstock and feature a wax front that makes it easy to peel off an adhesive badge at the end of the day. Badge backs can then be reissued to other guests.

Please note that this product comes in packages of 200 card backs. Ordering a quantity of "1" means you will get one package of 200 card backs, not just a single card back.

Badge backs are designed to be used with adhesive badges: an adhesive badge is applied to the badge back, which is then clipped to the visitor for an easy visitor badge solution.

This badge back is red with a printed "VISITOR" title. Badge backs are also available in blue, white and custom colors.

Each badge back features a slot for easy attachment using a plastic clip or strap clip.

Discounts are available for large orders. Please contact us for details.

This product is also known as a CARDbacker badge back.

Inventory Status Stock
Type Non-expiring
Badge Part Badge back
Timeframe Depends on front
No. of Pieces Single-piece
Size 4" x 3" (102 mm x 77 mm)
Personalization type -
Attachment Type Clip-on
Weight/Box (lbs) 2
Packaging 200 backs
Role Recognition Yes
Parking accessory No
Oversized No
Spot/token No
Custom printing available Yes
Colored Top No
School Themed No
Inspection Band No
Printed Title Header Yes
Printer Type -
Log Book? No