Nickel-Plated Steel Beaded Neck Chain, Length 36"

Item #: NC-36
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    Product Description

    Neck chains are a popular way to carry a card or badge holder particularly for those who aren't interested in branding or attention-getting accessories.

    Popularized on police TV shows as a way to wear a badge, our beaded neck chains are made of nickel-plated steel and offer a simple tab connector that makes it easy to slide on a badge holder.

    These chains aren't ideal for slotted credentials; instead choose a badge holder that has pre-made slot holes.

    The bead size on these chains is 2.3mm and the chain length is 36"; a 30" chain is also available (SKU NC-30).

    Available Color(s) Silver
    Width No
    Length 36"
    Material Nickel-Plated Steel
    End Fitting None
    Shape Round
    Customizable No
    Breakaway No
    Awareness No
    No-Flip No
    Bead Size 2.3mm
    Detachable Buckle No
    Eco-Friendly No
    Units per Pack 100