Fargo® 10-mil Stickyback PVC ID Card (CR79 Size, 2.05" x 3.30")

Item #: FAR-81759
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Product Description

Stickyback cards offer removable customization for your smart and proximity cards

Custom proximity cards or custom smart cards are a great choice for employee ID badges, enabling your employees to use their badges for access, payments and more.

However, those custom tech cards are more expensive than normal PVC cards, meaning your replacement cost is a lot higher when an employee leaves your organization. If you're printing directly on these valuable cards, you don't have much of a choice: the old cards have to be destroyed, which is like throwing money in the trash.

There's a better way: stickyback cards!

Stickyback cards are thin PVC cards with an adhesive back. These unique solutions are designed to be adhered to an existing credential, like a smart or proximity card.

The idea is to save money by ordering blank smart or prox cards, and to apply the customization afterwards. For example, if you custom print a stickyback card and your employee leaves the organization, simply peel off the stickyback, print a new one for a new employee and apply it to the existing blank credential.

Just like that, you're able to reuse the valuable tech cards, making your replacement cost a few cents instead of a few dollars!

With stickyback cards, an organization can get all of the benefits of an multiuse ID and technology card program without having to worry about high replacement costs.

  • This stickyback card is designed for use in Fargo printers only.
  • Measuring 2.05" x 3.30", this card is CR79 sized.
  • With a thickness of just 10 mils, this stickyback card won't lead to a bulky credential.