TEMPbadge® Large Expiring Visitor Badge BACK - Color Bar (Box of 1000)

Item #: T5902AL
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Product Description

These large sized badge backs with color bars pair with large sized badge fronts to form a full expiring visitor badge solution. This large badge back is slotted, meaning it requires a clip of some kind for use.


This large (3"x4") badge back is not a full solution. A compatible (large) badge front is required for use.

Our TEMPbadge® technology pairs badge backs with badge fronts for a half-day, 1-day, 3-day or 7-day expiring solution. Upon the expiration period, the solution will show a series of red bars to indicate a guest's time is up. 

This style of badge back is available in several color bar options. Use different colors and printed titles on the badge front to add an element of role recognition to your visitor badge program.

These are the perfect expiring badges for schools, hospitals and more.

Please note that this is a LARGE (3"x4") sized badge back. Standard sized badge backs are also available.