Dual-Core JetPak™ ID Card with IDentiGuard (CR80-Credit Card Size, 2.13" x 3.38", no slot)

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    Product Description

    Note: These products require a laminating pouch to create a fully finished ID card. For this card, we recommend laminating pouch F85-52CWP.

    Go beyond PVC with a better ID card! Our JetPak™ ID cards best PVC in durability, security and versatility.

    JetPak ID cards are made of a synthetic paper material that can be customized using a standard inkjet printer. We recommend using Epson® inkjet printers due to their DuraBrite® ink cartridges, which produce vivid colors and sharp, lifelike detail.

    Dual-core JetPak cards ship with one full card per sheet, allowing both the front and back of the card to be printed in one pass. Each box contains 100 sheets, enough to print 100 dual-core JetPak cards.

    This JetPak card is a dual-core, credit card-sized (2.38” x 3.38”) card with the built-in IDentiGuard holographic foil security feature. The card isn’t slotted, meaning you can print both horizontal and vertical cards as necessary.

    JetPak: Get more from your ID card

    PVC ID cards are the go-to card for many organizations. “We’ve always used PVC,” they think. “Why switch?”

    Because there’s something better out there!

    JetPak synthetic paper cards beat PVC cards in every way that matters. They are:

    • More resistant to fading
    • More resistant to cracking
    • Available in more sizes
    • Available with more security features

    Once you switch to the convenient and durable JetPaks, you’ll wonder why you spent so much time using lesser PVC cards. Simply put, JetPak ID cards provide professionalism, durability and versatility that PVC cards simply can’t match.

    What is the difference between single-core and dual-core?

    You'll see our JetPaks described as "single-core" and "dual-core." These "cores" don't refer to sides, but rather to the thickness of the card itself.

    • Single-core JetPak cards are made of a single layer of synthetic paper material. When combined with a 7/3 laminating pouch, the finished card will be 30 mils thick. We recommend these cards for customers that only want factory printing on one side of the card, with variable data printed on the other.
    • Dual-core JetPak cards are made of two layers of synthetic paper material. When combined with a 5/2 laminating pouch, the finished card will be 34 mils thick. The template for these cards can be configured to allow you to print both sides of the card in a single pass, saving time.

    IDentiGuard: Unrivaled security for your JetPak cards

    IDentiGuard is our holographic foil stamp security feature, one of many anti-counterfeiting security features available on our JetPak cards. IDentiGuard prints a small holographic foil stamp on your cards; this stamp reflects light, providing a shine that verifies a card’s authenticity.

    This holographic feature can’t be duplicated by copy machines or standard printers, making JetPak cards nearly counterfeit-proof.

    JetPak: The perfect secure ID card

    There’s a reason several government organizations, state police departments, sheriff’s departments and big corporations have chosen JetPak for their ID cards: there’s no card more secure.

    Along with the IDentiGuard feature mentioned above, JetPak offers nearly a dozen security features. These include printing that can’t be seen by the naked eye, text so small that it can’t be duplicated without a magnifying glass and more. In the interest of preserving that security, we won’t get into the rest here. Interested in learning more? Let us know.

    If you’re interested in enhanced security and professional design, we’re able to custom print JetPaks for you. We can print your design and logo, leaving just the cardholder photo and name to be printed on site. Contact us online or call 800-233-0298 for more information.

    Card Dimensions 2.13" x 3.38" (54 mm x 86 mm)
    Card Material Synthetic paper
    Common Card Size Credit Card
    Card Thickness 20 mils
    Magnetic Stripe No
    Customizable Yes
    Slotted No
    Packaging 100 sheets, one card per sheet