Dual-Core JetPak™ ID Card with horizontal slot and IDentiGuard (Data Collection Size, 3.25" x 2.313")

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    Product Description

    Please note: JetPak cards require a laminating pouch to create a fully finished ID card. For this insert, recommend laminating pouch F85-52HSDWP.

    It’s time to get a better card than standard PVC.

    It’s time to switch to JetPak™ ID cards.

    Available only from IDenticard™, JetPak cards are more durable, more secure and longer-lasting than standard PVC cards.

    Dual-core JetPak cards ship with one full card per sheet, allowing both the front and back of the card to be printed in one pass. Each box contains 100 sheets, enough to print 100 dual-sided JetPak cards.

    This JetPak insert will create a dual-core, data collection-sized (2.313” x 3.25”) ID card. This insert has a horizontal slot, meaning it is meant to create horizontal ID cards. The insert also features our IDentiGuard holographic foil security feature.

    This insert’s slightly larger size makes it perfect for organizations that want to include a bigger photo or more text on their ID cards.

    What is the difference between single-core and dual-core?

    You'll see our JetPaks described as "single-core" and "dual-core." These "cores" don't refer to sides, but rather to the thickness of the card itself.

    • Single-core JetPak cards are made of a single layer of synthetic paper material. When combined with a 7/3 laminating pouch, the finished card will be 30 mils thick. We recommend these cards for customers that only want factory printing on one side of the card, with variable data printed on the other.
    • Dual-core JetPak cards are made of two layers of synthetic paper material. When combined with a 5/2 laminating pouch, the finished card will be 34 mils thick. The template for these cards can be configured to allow you to print both sides of the card in a single pass, saving time.

    JetPak: It’s all about the material

    JetPak cards differ from PVC cards in a number of ways, but the biggest difference between the two is the material each is made of. PVC cards are made of...well, PVC. JetPak cards are made of a synthetic, microporous paper material.

    This microporous material leads to the second-biggest difference between the two card types: JetPak cards can be customized using a standard inkjet printer!

    Yes, you read that right. That little inkjet printer that you have sitting on your desk could be used to create durable, long-lasting, highly detailed ID cards. By using an inkjet printer, JetPak ID cards offer a lower start-up cost than PVC ID cards, which require a dedicated PVC ID card printer for customization.

    JetPak: The most secure ID card available

    As we mentioned above, this insert features IDentiGuard. IDentiGuard is our unique holographic foil security feature. This feature comes in the form of a small graphic printed onto the insert using a holographic material.

    This material reflects in the light, making it impossible to duplicate with a standard printer, copier or scanner.

    IDentiGuard is just one of several security features that combine to make JetPak the most secure ID card around. We also offer text so small that it can barely be seen by the naked eye, printing that only appears under certain kinds of light and more features that we don’t want to divulge for security reasons.

    We’re also able to create IDentiGuard foil stamps in custom shapes and sizes, including in the shape of your organization’s logo. Contact us to learn more about custom security features.

    Let us create custom ID cards for you!

    We’re able to print custom JetPak inserts for you in our facilities, leaving just the user name and photo to be printed on-site. We can print the inserts however you’d like, including the use of your logo, colors and text. Please contact us if you’re interested in custom JetPak cards.

    Card Dimensions 3.25" x 2.313" (83 mm x 59 mm)
    Card Material Synthetic paper
    Common Card Size Data Collection
    Card Thickness 20 mils
    Magnetic Stripe No
    Customizable Yes
    Slotted Yes - Horizontal
    Packaging 100 sheets, one card per sheet