B-Holder 3-Card Rigid Plastic Holder

Item #: 1840-6668
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    Product Description

    The patented B-Holder holds up to three cards at once while protecting the cards from bending, cracking and other damage. This innovative accessory is able to hold one 30-mil card in the front and either two 30-mil cards or one 60-mil card in the back.

    The front portion features a clear frosted finish, making it perfect for displaying a photo ID badge, while the back of the holder features two convenient levers that slide the cards in the front or back out with ease.

    The three-card B-Holder would be a great badge holder for nurses, doctors, corporate office employees and more.

    • Holders are available in black, white, metallic blue and metallic gray
    • Vertical and horizontal holders are available
    • This B-Holder is perfect for employees who need to carry more than one card
    • Unique top-loading functionality prevents cards from falling out.

      Design Type Rigid
      Layout Vertical/Horizontal
      Size Standard
      Material Polycarbonate
      Capacity Multi-card
      Extraction Type Lever
      Attachment Slot
      Clothing-friendly No
      Resealable closure No
      Locking card case No
      Anti-print transfer No
      Shielded for identity protection No
      Eco-friendly No
      Wallet No
      Multiple Card Holder Yes